Safe Step Reviews & Testimonials

 All Around Excellence!

My health condition requires me to soak at least six times a week. It was always very painful getting in and out of the tub. I had to step out onto a stool, always nervous I could fall. I looked online at a company I had seen commercials for and decided to compare my options. Hands down, Safe Step Walk-In Tub had so many special features that I had to give them a call! They sent an experienced representative to our home and showed us all the features, explained how the installation would work and how it could be completed in one day!! It wasn’t long before the installers arrived to complete the work. They were so very professional, built a shelf, and gave a demonstration of the tub in operation.

I could never say enough about the joy I have in my new Safe Step Walk-In Tub. My experience has been superb! My required baths are very pleasurable, stress-free, refreshing, and relaxing. I recommend the tub and this caring company to anyone!

From my comparing this tub with others, to the completion of installing it in my home, I found the first call to set up an appointment, the representative who came and explained the tub and installation, and the installation crew, to be completely genuine and respectful of my well-being and our home. Not only does this tub give me piece of mind in safely doing my soaking, but it helps my knee pain muscle spasms.

Anyone building a new home should consider at least one of these tubs! Life can be full of unexpected events. The Safe Step Walk-In Tub helps you to be prepared. I am extremely happy with Safe Step. There are so many things in my life that are easier thanks to my new tub. I love it!!- Laura Hunter, Blythe, GA

We are so excited; we just had to tell you the great news! We had been seeing the new walk-in tubs advertised and contacted Safe Step and another competitor. My wife was having difficulty getting out of our old Jacuzzi tub, and we kept remember my Mother falling in the bath and breaking her hip. She went to the hospital for surgery but spent the rest of her life in a wheel chair. You cannot compare money with the suffering of a loved one….I did not want this to happen to my wife or myself as both of us are in our 80’s.

The competitor representative came first, and we listened for several hours. The next day, your salesman, Mr. T.T. Sheehan visited us. He recommended we install the new tub in a different bathroom which we liked better. You had mailed us a DVD which covered all the advantages and safety features your tub provided. Within an hour, we gave Mr. Sheehan is truly a professional salesman. No pressure, just facts and great knowledge of advantages they offered, very professional!

In a few weeks, the tub arrived with Mr. Wes Howard and Mr. Brandon Hernandez to install it. We were greatly impressed by their expertise in removing our old tub and installing the new one. They were very careful and never put a scratch on any furniture. It was truly a job of perfection! All of our neighbors were amazed of their workmanship which looked like new construction! We were greatly impressed by their manners and desire to please.

We are so happy with it and wish to thank your company and your great employees for a job done to perfection!- Henry & Alice Whitmire, Fayetteville, GA

My father is 85 years old, suffers from Alzheimer’s, chronic back pain, arthritis, and diabetes. His wife fell in the bath tub and suffered a stroke, so I moved in to take care of him. Bathing him was a horrible experience for both of us. I noticed even after he was safely in the tub that he was tense and anxious, and his muscles were so stiff, he was in more pain.

I saw the ad on TV and called for more information. The sales representative was fantastic! He answered all of my questions, measured our tub and checked out hot water tank. He arranged an affordable payment option, and we set a date for installation two weeks later! Unfortunately, the next week, my father was diagnosed with a vascular occlusion in his leg and surgery was the only option. The tub was installed first, and the installation was incredible. The workmen were quick, efficient, and they cleaned up. They demonstrated to my father very simply how to use the tub.

My dad took his first bath and for the first time, I saw him relax and enjoy the experience. He took a bath every day for a week. When he was examined by the surgeon, his circulation had improved drastically and no surgery was needed!

So far, in the months we had had the tub, his skin has softened, and he no longer requires moisturizer. He is now able to walk unassisted and only uses his cane occasionally, for balance. His mind has improved and his overall health is better. He also, no longer requires monthly visits to the doctor!

The use of the tub has not significantly increased with our water or electric bill, and the benefits are worth it! I only wish his wife was still here to enjoy it, as well. I would (and do) recommend this tub and this company to everybody!- Karen Mitchell, Bell Buckle, TN

I believe in shopping around before making a decision to purchase a major product. It took me six months to research my SUV. When I decided to purchase a walk-in tub, I did the same research over the internet and other sources. After all my research I decided on the Safe Step Tub and met with your representative.

I am a very active person for my age of 75, but my greatest fear is falling in the bathtub. It had been statistically proven that accidents involving older folks occur in the bathroom. I did not want to become one of those stats.

On May 16, 2014, my Safe Step Walk-In Tub was installed. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. These tubs are made in the USA. The installers have plumbing, electrical, and construction experience and are professional and courteous.

The first time I used the tub, I felt so safe and did not worry about falling. Believe me, it was a great feeling! I live in Texas, and for the last three years, we have been in a drought situation. You have the option to sit and take a shower. The shower wand has the capability of being turned on or off, thus saving water. This is the only one of many plus items on the tub! Of course when you have worked in the yard all day, there is nothing better than filling the tub, turning on the water jets and the beautiful light which changes colors, and just relaxing. The water stays warm all the while you are soaking!

The Safe Step Walk-In Tub has it all. I am so happy I purchased this brand! I have peace of mind every time I use this tub, and it is beautiful, too!! I know if I have a problem, I can call someone in the U.S., and they are there to help. What more can I say? I give it ten stars!!!!- Wilma A. Evans, San Antonio, TX

If you can’t step up into your regular bathtub, be sure to get a Safe Step Walk-In Tub! I feel safe as I relax in my American made Safe Step tub! It is easy to enter, exit, and clean. So, if you like being pampered, go for a beautiful Safe Step Walk-In Tub.

Another asset is the installers are two of the nicest people I have ever met!- Billie Williams, Lafayette, GA

Just to be extremely honest, at first I hated my tub. I thought it was a huge monstrosity and did not go well in my bathroom, although your installers were amazing, very polite, and professional. I want you to know they are an asset to your company. After pre-judging, I tried the tub, and I fell IN LOVE! I want you to know I am extremely pleased. I love my tub, and I want all my friends and family to own one.

I had major back surgery in December and have been trying to recover. After I got into that wonderful tub, I had my first pain-free day and went to power walk around the pond. I do not like to take prescription meds of any kind. I only took pain pills the first week of surgery.

Thank you for this amazing tub! I have looked at the other ones, and there is no comparison. I was thinking about moving and down-sizing to a smaller place after my spouse passed away from a long battle with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. My home was too big for me, but now I think I will just stay here and enjoy my new tub!- Luci Grookette, Colorado Spring, Colorado

Since I got my new Safe Step Walk-In Tub, I have really enjoyed feeling safe to take my showers. I am 92 years old and still independent with help from my daughter and two sons. I enjoy the fact that I CAN safely step in my shower and chair without feeling afraid. It’s also easy for me to operate!

By updating my bathroom, I have an attractive shower/bathroom in my home that was built in 1956. The plumber and electrician did an excellent job. They were thorough and worked long and hard to complete the job. Also cleaned up, inside and out!- Gertrude F. Nunn, Chapel Hill, NC

We have been wanting to write a letter to show our appreciation for the professional work and expertise that Donnie and Cotton showed during the installation of our Safe Step Tub on September 10, 2010.

They worked as a team and planned out every step of the installation. We couldn’t have been happier in the way they carried out their work and the little things they did extra for us were much appreciated. They certainly had the homeowner in mind every step of the way.

The Safe Step Walk-In Tub has taken bathing to a new level in our home. We both love the spa with the jets and all, and it leaves us both relaxed and in an enjoyable mood. Also to be able to sit down and take a shower is really nice. When in a hurry I can take a shower in 5 minutes.

The only regret we have is that we didn’t purchase it sooner.- Bobby & Brenda Boyd, Old Hickory, TN

Having had surgery on both of her feet and knees, as well as arthritis, the Safe Step Walk-In Tub has been a well-received asset to my wife. She can now enjoy a therapeutic bath and/or shower with “no pain-no strain”. The tub has already improved her overall motion, as well as her feelings and attitude toward life in general.

While the tub, so far in a month’s time, has fulfilled every guarantee made by Safe Step in a most efficient manner-much credit is due to the competency and professionalism of the installers you sent. I cannot say enough good things about them except to say they could have worked for me!

Thanks for a job well done and for standing behind your promises!- Dr. Harold C. Carl II, Belmont, WV

For 20 years, I was unable to get in a tub, due to knee surgery. The walk-in tub is the best thing to step into FINALLY and have a very relaxing bath. It feels great on the legs. Getting relaxed before bedtime gives you great comfort for sleeping. You don’t need to have arthritis or diabetes to get all the comfort from this tub. Anyone with our without a problem can enjoy this VERY relaxing bath!!- Marie Schmidt, Greensboro, NC

James has diabetes and his legs cramp and burn so much that he cannot get a good night’s sleep. He also has back pain and severe arthritis. Since he has been using the hydrotherapy Safe Step Tub, he is sleeping MUCH better and his stress level has very much improved. His arthritis and back pain have improved drastically and his leg circulation is doing so well that he can walk more without all the burning and discomfort to his feet and legs!

I can see why the Safe Step Tub has earned the “Ease of Use Accommodation” from the Arthritis Foundation. I also enjoy the water jets massaging my legs and back and being able to sit down when I take a shower. The tub has a lot more free standard features than any other tub in this area!

The installers came in, installed my tub, cleaned everything up, and explained all the different features of the tub…All in one day! They did a superb job and were very friendly and courteous. I am a happy Safe Step owner!- Peggy Warren, Kingsport, TN

My Safe Step Tub has been wonderful! I enjoy the freedom to take a bath again. I recommend Safe Step to anyone and everyone who wants a walk-in tub!! It is a MUST for anyone wanting relaxation offered in a water jet tub. I have spent hours relaxing in a tub again! I love my Safe Step Walk-In Tub!!- Sara Stephens, Longs, SC

Elmer and I do love our tub!!! He uses it for comfortable and carefree bathing, and I used it for comfort therapy. It helps my spinal issues, as well as discomfort problems associated with arthritis, etc. The men installing it were wonderful and careful to avoid nicking the walls and completely cleaned up any residue as a result of the installation. Thank you for a wonderful product. It is a welcome addition to our home.- Elmer & Carol Sassmanshausen, Dripping Springs, TX

The Safe Step Walk-In Tub is just wonderful, so easy to get in and out of–Easy access to all the controls–don’t think you missed anything where safety is a concern! Sure helps arthritis and restless legs feel much better, so relaxing to a young 81-year old! Thank you for such a fine product. Your salesman Brandon Smith was such a fine, young fellow, an asset to your company. His presentation could not have been better! Good luck with sales of your tub!- Charles & Lorene Foster, Shelby, NC

We wanted to thank you for your help with the purchase of our Safe Step Walk-In Tub. The sales representative, Mike Kramer, was very professional and courteous when he came by to show us the features of your tub! He has also been very helpful answering questions for me after the installation.

Also thanks to the installation manager, Tempie, for her help during the installation process and after. I had to call her several times, and she was very helpful! The installers Joe Judkins and Neil Crawford did a very nice job on the installation! They came to the house on time and they put down plastic covering on the rug area and were very careful with keeping things clean. They removed the bathroom door and when they put the door back, you would not know that it had ever been removed! The installation went flawlessly. Since I am very particular about my house, I want to thank them for their efforts.

As far as bathing in the tub, it seems to work quite well, and I am very satisfied. Thanks to all of you for your kind support!-Donald & Wilma Shoefelt, Laramie, WY

Thank you for a job well done! We are very pleased with our tub, especially because it is easy to get in and back out, which was our problem with our Jacuzzi that we had before. It looks very nice and blends right in with the rest of the room.

The men you sent to do the work should be commended, also. They performed their work in a professional and pleasant manner!- Diane Resnick, Briarcliff Manor, NY

When the doctor recommended hydrotherapy and finding that none of rehabilitation offered it, I decided to buy a walk-in tub. Thanks to Jim Robinson for his presentation. I decided it was just what I needed! The Safe Step Walk-In Tub I consider as one of by far the best investments. Thank you!- Mary B. Cox, Petersburg, VA

My Safe Step Walk-In Tub, has been my most important purchase in years. Upon consulting my physician and going over my poor sleeping habits, due to pain, cramps in my legs, knees, ankles, tension and general discomfort. I explained that even the 2-3 baths I was having a night did not seem to be doing the job. Being in my mid-eighties, my family was naturally concerned, not only with the lack of sleep, but the chance of a fall and severe injury.

It was suggested to be that I contact a lady by the name of Cindy Leonard, who was the representative for the Safe Step Walk-In Tubs here in my area of South Surrey, and to do it immediately, which I did.

Cindy set everything up with me and my family, and then we met at my house to talk and to go over the various models of Safe Step Tubs, the advantage they had over other walk-in tubs being advertised and which one of the Safe Step Tubs would suit my needs. Cindy took all the measurements and information required and recommended the Safe Step Walk-In Tub for me.

I was introduced to the people doing all of the installations and the staff at Safe Step Walk-In Tubs were in constant contact, confirming that I was satisfied with all the service and they made this a tremendous experience for me.

In the evening I just soak in the hydra-jet whirlpool and let all of the gentle jets provide all of the soothing comfort, releasing all that body tension, cramps and pain in my legs, knees and allowing me to have all those hours of beautiful sleep.

Safe Step Walk-In Tubs is a company supported by a great and concerned staff, promoting a wonderful product.- Evelyn MacDonald, South Surrey, B.C.

Just a short note to let you all know how much we appreciate the new Safe Step Shower that your company put in for our mom, Carolyn McNutt. It has made her life so much easier!

Candace Barrow, Stuart Hall, and Mike Duffer are awesome! Thanks again for everything! It is great!- Becky Coffield & Michelle Pierce, Paris, TN

I enjoy it so much! I don’t want to get out of it. With our other tub, I was so scared to even think about getting in to take a bath. With my Safe Step Walk-In Tub, it is safe and pleasant. I really love it!! I think my kids even like it now. I am so glad I had it put in now. - Frances Coulter, Mount Washington, KY

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Safe Step Walk-In Tub. I have had many back surgeries and my back is turning in the lower bottom of it. I can tolerate a shower, but I have always loved to soak and relax in the tub. Talk about relaxation, the seating is very comfortable with the jets on your back; it relaxes everything. Also the thermostat keeps your water temperature at an even water degree. With poor circulation in your legs or feet, the water pressure that comes and circulates at your legs and feet makes them feel like you just had a message.

As far as your clean up goes, just use your shower head and rinse it out—how easy can it be! It is the best of the best!! It is so well designed and functional to everyone’s needs. I do believe a woman was behind all of the designing of the tub. Please don’t hesitate any longer; it is well worth your health!!-Doug & Beverly Wikander, North Augusta, SC

Having a Safe Step Walk-In Tub in our home has proved to be a tremendous blessing to us. We had looked at different possibilities, but there is really no other to compare with it!

It is an answer to our prayer, especially for Fr. Mike—94 years old—who now enjoys bathing much more easily and in a safe condition without the risk of falling. He consequently comes out re-energizes and refreshed! What a great feeling!

May God be with you and continue blessing you as you minister to people’s aging needs.- Pauline Chouinard, Oldsmar, FL

All the advertising I’ve seen for Safe Step Walk-In Tub doesn’t do it justice! I am a care-giver for a relative. She is 89 years old, with heart problems, dementia, and is barely mobile using a walker. It was so difficult getting her into the shower. A tub bath was impossible! I am less than five feet tall, and she is a tall, large woman. It’s up to me along to bathe her. Now, she can get a BATH every day!! We have used our Safe Step Tub over a month—at least every day! I do not have words to describe the wonder of it.

Many elderly people suffer from constipation. The Safe Step Tub is a remarkable aid for relieving the problem without ingesting anything. The massage jets strategically placed at the back of the tub relaxes the muscles that affect the colon. The lady I take care for 24/7 has a serious circulation problem. She takes strong medication and still her feet and legs turn blue often. Using the Safe Step therapy, her whole body has a pink glow all the time!

If you are allergic to lotions and skin creams, the Safe Step Tub is a remedy for this, also. It exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. At the end of the day or beginning of it, the Safe Step Walk-In Tub relaxes for a good night’s sleep or rejuvenates you for the day ahead. It’s a wonderful thing!- Candace Cooper, Bridgeport, AL

The tub you sold us is perfect! It’s everything we expected it to be. My wife has stage 4 breast cancer that has metastasized to her bones and lungs. She can take an actual bath now instead of a shower. She has beaten the prognosis the doctors gave her in the beginning about 5 years ago. They are amazed, and we are delighted!

We both love the tub and its accessories. Nothing could be better! Your salesman and installers were very knowledgeable and courteous.-Larry Fields, Smithfield, KY

I bought the Safe Step Walk-In Tub for my wife because she could not use our old tub. We both use the walk-in tub now, and it’s wonderful. It is so easy to get in and out, and we really enjoy the Safe Step Walk-In Tub. It’s the best thing I have bought in a very long time. Thank you Safe Step!-James L. Caldwell, Zebulon, GA

I cannot believe so many months had gone by, and I still have not thanked you. So thanks, thanks, thanks!

The tub has given me more relaxing time and pleasure, stress-free enjoyment, and much more than I had anticipated! Thanks again, and I look forward to my “vacation” this winter at home and imagine being at some far away island. -Grace Doug, Verona, NJ

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you for making such a wonderful tub for senior citizens! I am enjoying it so much, more than I thought I would. Besides the enjoyment I’m having, it has beautified my bathroom. I wish that I had the tub sooner! It sure will help me when I have my knee surgery.

Thanks again for thinking about senior citizens. Although I believe young adults will enjoy it, too, especially with the beautiful lights! May God bless you.- Annie Miller, Tampa, FL

LOVE THIS TUB! Really enjoy the ease of getting in and out. Love where the jets it.- Betty Davidson, Elkin, NC

My mom is 96 years old and absolutely LOVES our tub! We recently went on vacation, and she said, “Do we have room to take out tub?” It has been a wonderful life saver for all of us!- Cheryl Gerlach, Springfield, OH

I was very impressed with my sales representative, Mr. Byrum. He played the DVD and answered my numerous questions. His responses were detailed and clear. I really love my new walk-in tub. The jets are helping my arthritis pain and are so relaxing. I really look forward to bath time! Also, the gentlemen who performed the installation were amazing. They worked steadily to complete the work in one day and did an excellent job of cleaning up after themselves. If I didn’t have this beautiful tub as evidence, I would never have believes this much construction took place.

I am so excited and proud of my tub that I tell everyone I talk to about the pleasure of this tub. I have even shown it to others who could benefit from this marvelous feature. Thanks to Safe Step, this walk-in tub will allow me to be safe and stay in my home for many years!-Sue Collins, Manchester, TN

Back in March you drove to Murray, Kentucky to meet with my father and I. After countless hours of research and discussion with friends, nurses, doctors and plumbers in Colorado I knew this purchase would be a huge investment for my parents, especially my mother.

I wanted to share with you personally how pleased we are with the Safe Step Tub. You were the first person we met from your company. It is one thing to read and research yet meeting with someone who believes in their product, who extends their time and effort beyond the sale as you did, we were fortunate.

Being in Colorado and trying to arrange a time that worked for my parents, my travel back to Kentucky and making sure this process received the attention it deserved was a priority to me. You were the difference.

The attention from you toward our concerns and detail of the installation, the time frame and your sincere promotion of the product were well above the other companies we met with. I hope that your company appreciated and values your work in the field to make that initial contact. We sure do.

This whole process of purchasing a tub is overwhelming and intimidating, and a discussion we started within our family over a year ago.

The professionalism and commitment you shared with us at the time of the initial meeting truly was the difference in our decision. We felt as though this was not just another sale for you. We knew you would be available and willing to help us throughout this process- purchase, install and questions. You listened, you adjusted, and you never pushed or spoke negatively about other companies- you shared what you knew, your product.

Most of all, you treated my parents with respect and dignity. You showed courtesy and patience. Even when my father though he wanted to keep the old tub and sell it (we still have a laugh about that one).

My mother uses the tub weekly and soaks for about 15-20 minutes. Her caregiver shares that my mother really enjoys her new tub. She uses the jets, soaks and closes her eyes. Knowing that mom is able to work on her circulation around the jets and also work on her core muscles in her lower back puts the purchase into perspective. I have a feeling in the winter months she might be soaking more than once a week. Next, is to get dad in the tub and I have a feeling once he gets in – we may not get him out.

Please share this letter with upper management. You were the face and representation of the Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company back in March. We appreciate the time you invested from March up to the installation date to stay in touch. Thank you everything Brent.- Diane Ruby, Loveland, CO

We are in our eighties with health issues. My husband was recently afflicted with the “evil shingles” that left him with an awful weakness in his back and legs. He also has bowel problems; therefore baths are a necessity; however our tub has become a hazard. The shower stall is not much better with his instability.

Trusting AARP’s ad about the Safe Step Walk-In Tub, we called and were assigned Mr. Chuck Smith as our Sales Rep. Mr. Smith never pressured us, but explained every detail. Convinced, we purchased the tub! The entire process was easy and a pleasure. Holly Williams arranged the installation.

The installers Gene Charlotte and his assistant Jason Brown performed an excellent job. They were polite, considerate, and very pleasant to have working in our home!

Best of all, this tub is a product of the USA!!! Knowing that it gave some Tennesseans a job makes it even more effective. My husband is getting great results with this Hydrotherapy. We are enjoying the tub and especially, the safety factor! It is worth the sacrifice of any kind!

We want to thank each and every one who had a part in this product and process. WELL DONE!!! May it give you a sense of accomplishment in knowing you’ve “done good” for someone. With gratitude for excellent service and a great product, 

Sincerely, -The Kinzer’s, Newman, GA

In November, we purchased a Safe Step Walk-In Tub from your Burnaby, B.C. office. To say we are pleased with every aspect of the transaction is putting it very mildly. From the Sales & Safety Specialist Dave H., who was all on call for all our questions and knew all the answers! To the installers, Jessie and Taylor, who were polite, well-mannered and careful of our home, covering our carpets, making sure nothing was damaged along the way, and cleaning up as they worked—a home owner’s delight!

As we have a penthouse condo, the building’s water system had to be shut off and George M, Production Manager, came in person to do the job. It took two hours to reconnect and make sure there were no air pockets in the lines. Our Council President (a professional engineer) was most pleased with his care and attention. Dealing with Barbara Christie, Customer Care Representative, was always very pleasant and as always very helpful.

Now to get to the heart of this transaction- I have arthritic knees and use a walker and also suffer from pain with them. Counting down the 36 hours, and I was in the Safe Step Tub. Not only was it a delightful experience, but the hydrotherapy was a real joy! Using the tub as recommended daily routine, my knees have improved and also my walking. My husband who has a heart condition also enjoys relaxing in the hydrotherapy as it is so easy to get in and out. Our doctor is very pleased!

There is only one drawback—everyone in our building wants to come and have a bath! That’s why we asked for extra brochures.

We sing your praises! -Shirley and Edward Magee, North Vancouver, BC

This information is submitted in the hopes that it may help other family members or care givers of elderly or otherwise handicapped individuals with their hygienic care. My Mom is 95 years old and has mild Alzheimer Disease. One of her biggest complaints is with her bathing. She is unable to perform this activity of daily living on her own due to her balance and confusion problems. She refuses to bath and sometimes goes for weeks without a proper bath and only consents to go into the walk-in shower, so that I may bath her when she is threatened with getting an aide to come into the home and perform this activity. I think there are several reasons why she is so resistant. #1 It is cold, #2 She has to give her privacy #3 She is my mother and feels that her child should not be bathing her, but also does not want a stranger coming in to bathe her. #4 She is unable to do any of the bathing herself, as I must stand there to protect her from falling or getting water all over the bathroom with the hand held shower nozzle.

We have tried many options for bathing to make it more appealing for her, such as helping her into the tub so she can site to bathe and soak. This option is not feasible because she cannot lift her legs high enough to get in and out of the tub because she is afraid of falling. After struggling with her for 3 years, we decided to investigate other options, and after speaking to several consultants of walk-in tubs, we decided on Safe Step Walk-In Tub!

The day of installation was effortless for me as the installation crew arrived early, did all the demolition necessary, and after working all day, they installed the tub, cleaned up, answered all my questions, and left me a laminated diagram sheet for quick reference in case I had questions later.

Next day, I heated the bathroom, placed a towel on the seat, and let her keep her warm pajama top on as the tub filled. I gave her the showerhead, and she was able to start bathing herself as the tub filled. I stayed close, but she was able to do a lot on her own now. Her skin was softer, feet and nails cleaner because she had a good soak, and the jets helped with the circulation. I had seen my Mom be more confident and happy about her bath than she had in year!- Barbara Potter, Jacksonville, FL

We are both in our 70’s. I found I was beginning to have trouble with trying to step over into a high tub. Paul saw the Pat Boone advertisement on TV and made a call to the number provided. We made an appointment with a sales person to come to our home. The longer he spoke, the more we realized this was what we were looking for. #1:  American made #2: Life time warranty #3: Full installation by the company. After the sales person measured and shower us how it would fit in the existing space, we signed the papers!

The installation went well and very easy to work with. They also cleaned up after finishing. We were VERY pleased from start to finish. I have enjoyed using it and feel safe entering and exiting.

On March 10th, my husband had a stroke, was in the hospital and ICU for a total of 19 days. He is now in rehab and no paralyzes but learning to balance and get his brain back in working order. The doctors have said he survived a major catastrophe. So when is able to join me in our home, he, too, will be able to bathe safely in our Safe Step Walk-In Tub.

Thank you so much for the person or persons who developed this product. Our great-niece (age 4) says it looks like a “Disney Ride”.- Diana & Paul Davenport, Greenville, NC

We would like to express our appreciation to your company for the manner in which our business was taken care of, from the phone call getting information, to the consultant that came to our home, to the men that came and did the installing.

Everyone was very mannerly, neat and clean with the work.

We hope to enjoy our tub for many years to come. - Lou and Mary Morris, Fayetteville, TN

I have enjoyed using the Safe Step Walk-In Tub. Some members of my family have also enjoyed using the tub with all its attachments!  I am still getting used to everything that is included.- Sara L. Hurtado, Holman, NM

Recently, I purchased one of your Safe Step Walk-In Tub and want to say how pleased I am with it. I read your recent advertisement and called for someone to visit me and explain the benefits of your tub to me. Your salesman, Mike Thomas, arranged an appointment and was very thorough in explaining the features. Previously, I have had several companies approach me —Premier Care, Seabridge and others, but none had all the features or a lifetime warranty.

Your installers arrived at the time they said they would, worked very quickly and amazingly—cleaned up afterwards. The work was done the same day and I am enjoying the results. I am over 80 and although I could get into my old tub, I had a terrible time with my knees cooperating to exit easily. I could see myself falling forward and hitting my head if my hands slipped while holding my safety bars to get up. Since falls are the very worst of seniors’ fears, my family and I were concerned. They have all visited me, saw the video, and encouraged me to purchase your tub. They knew how much I loved my tub bathing and prefer a tub to just a shower. I thought I was going to have to forgo a tub and get used to just a shower.

I live in a retirement residence and have been inviting other residents to come look and consider purchasing their own tubs. Hopefully several are thinking of it. The management came, approved, and feel that the tub is now going to increase the value of my apartment whenever I sell.- Eileen Charlton, Unionville, ON

Thank you so much for working with us to make this purchase affordable for us. The mother and father are enjoying the luxury of this tub! They feel safe and the independency is much needed for their age. Being in your eighties is difficult at times, and all we can do is try to make things as convenient as possible. We look forward to enjoying this tub for many years to come. Thank you, thank you!-The Mebane Household, Efland, NC

Before I purchased the Safe Step Walk-In Tub, I had difficulties getting in a standard bathtub, due to the fact that I had two total-knee replacements. With the Safe Step Walk-In Tub, I can walk-in with a small step-up instead of a large step-up when getting into a standard or garden tub.

The seat is right there, instead of trying to squat down to sit in a standard tub or garden tub. The deep water (warm to hot) makes it easier to bathe, do leg exercises and soak. When the hydrotherapy (air) jets, chromotherapy (lights) are on, it just makes you feel good all over.

Another good feature of the Safe-Step Walk-In Tub is that I own it and do not have to pay to use a public swimming pool or take aerobic water lessons. It is in my home, and I can use it anytime I want to, especially if my joints are hurting, or just to get away from it all- It is there for my use. I love and enjoy my Safe Step Tub. In my mind, it was a good investment. It increased the value of our home, and I never felt better—health wise. To end, an electrician, who also is a senior citizen, was in our home fixing an electrical problem in the bedroom and saw the Safe Step Walk-In Tub. He mentioned how he liked it, too.- Jane Duello, Hartwell, GA

We are delighted with our tub and all the marvelous features! It is everything that was represented by the literature and sales rep.- Sandra Elkins, Palisade, CO

We are very pleased and satisfied with our Safe Step Walk-In Tub. The quality of the tub is excellent and it looks perfect in our bathroom! The installers Ron and Craig were very efficient, covered the carpet, and cleaned up everything when finished. We have a tub with shower. We are 82 and 85 years old, so the tub we could not use. We could not get in or out of it. The walk-in shower we were afraid we would slip and fall in our second bathroom.

We found that Safe Step took care of our safety and needs. We feel we made a very good decision!- Elinor Korte, Urbana, OH

Really enjoy! It was the easiest, most professional, and pleasant experience: from the first call, installation, along with the salesperson. I love the tub—everything about it. “Made in USA” Great!- Georgie Flaig, Kirby, TX

The Safe Step Walk-In Tub is the most wonderful I have ever used. You can have a warm or cold tub to sit in to relax. You can shower if you wish. The tub has everything on it you would wish for!- Harold Rose, Tuscumbia, AL

Ease Your Joint Pain!

I really love my tub! If you have pain like me, some people do not know what it means to have relief. The tub loosens my muscles and joints. It is also so great to have a heated seat!! You just have to get one to know how great you feel after you spend time in this tub. I thank the Lord for Safe Step and the product they have. Speaking from experience, I recommend this tub and this company to anyone and everyone 100%!!- Donald Creek, Westmoreland, TN

I really enjoy my Safe Step Walk-In Tub. It has been a great help with my arthritis. Before, I could not get into my regular tub and wanted to be able to soak my joints. I used to have a hot tub, but it was hard for me to set in and was a lot trouble to clean. Now, I can get in my walk-in tub anytime! I can choose to fill it up and soak my whole body or just soak my feet! I have had RA for 38 years and to be able to soak in my tub is a real blessing.

I would recommend anyone with severe pain, RA, or if you just have difficulty getting into a regular tub. It is so easy to use and the best investment I have made in a long time! It was just put in one day. Thank you Safe Step Walk-In Tub for making my life easier!- JoAnn Smith, Kings Mountain, NC

 I’m very satisfied with my Safe Step Tub. I have so much arthritic pain this it really feels good to those joints. Also, the safety of it means so much to me. Before purchasing the tub I had to stand up and shower. I had to hurry because I couldn’t stand long for the pain in standing. Sometimes I would sit on the tub’s edge and bathe; but I knew it wasn’t safe.  Thanks again and I’m very satisfied. - Clara Worthington, Du Quoin, IL

I really enjoy my Safe Step bath. I have nerve damage in my back and legs, so I was unable to get into a regular bathtub. With Safe Step, I can bath without assistance. Safe Step has really helped so much, especially the jets! They really have helped my condition. Thanks!- Mary Lou Pence, Rossville, GA

We love our tub! My husband uses it for hours at a time and tells me how much better he feels, as he has a lot of arthritis in his back. I love the shower because of the closeness of the tub walls, which makes me feel a lot safer in case of losing my balance. It is hard to tell anyone how nice it is because you just about have to try it yourself to believe it! Thank you Safe Step!!- Stanley & Rebecca Person, Wilson, NC

I really appreciate the safe feeling of stepping into our Safe Step Walk-In Tub! It had gotten to the place that I could no longer help myself out of our former tub. Also, trying to shower and shampoo in our shower became a dangerous experience for me. My arthritis in various parts of my body is less painful now. The poor circulation has improved in my legs due to the heat and circulation of the water.- Lamar & JoAnn Swonger, Urbana, OH

Because of health problems, bathing became very difficult for me 2-3 years ago. Severe arthritis made it hard for me to get in and out of the tub, so I had to stand in the tub and shower. Then I was afraid of slipping or falling-plus standing was painful because of the arthritis in my back.

Your Safe Step Walk-In Tub has completely changed my bathing experience! I LOVE the tub and all its features. Now, instead of dreading bathing, I really LOOK FORWARD to it!!

Working with your company has been a pleasant experience—beginning with the kind, courteous and understanding sales representative. The installers were very professional, skillful and also courteous.

The tub looks, feel, and works great!! Thank you Safe Step!- Barbara J. Hewitt, Muncie, IN

I’m 73 years old and suffer from neuropathy that comes from diabetes, and I couldn’t believe the relief I got the first time I stepped into the Safe Step Walk-In Tub. If I had known that I would get that much relief from the tub, I would have bought one a lot sooner! I have tried everything for the neuropathy and nothing worked until I used the Safe Step Walk-In Tub. If I could rate the tub 10 stars, they would get it!! I shopped around eight or nine companies that made tubs, and Safe Step was the best! Plus, you get a lot more for your money. Keep up the good work Safe Step!- Ronald W. Bagwell, Spring Lake, NC

I live alone, so safety was my reason to look into the Safe Step Tub. I had a knee replacement surgery and had purchased a shower seat for my bathtub. It made is easier for me to shower and feel clean. I did not feel safe entering or exiting my tub. The seat was unsteady and I have always preferred baths. With knee replacements, I would no longer be able to take baths. In October of 2011 I purchased a Safe Step Tub (a VERY good decision). The installers arrived early one morning, they removed my tub, arranged the plumbing, and installed the new tub/shower in one day, cleaned up everything and no one would have known any work had been done except for the new tub. I feel much safer and I really enjoy using it. The shower head is a wand and can be hand-held or mounted at any time. It has a fine comfortable mist. Rinsing is easy and easy. I had my other knee surgery in December 2011, the tub is a joy! - Ardith Skorch, De Bois, IL

We really enjoy using our new Safe Step Walk-In Tub! It is helping to relieve the aches and pains that we have due to arthritis. We don’t have to worry about falling in or out of the old standard tub we had. It has become a pleasure to bathe in our new walk-in tub. It will help us to stay in our home a little longer, as we continue to age.

Our salesman’s name was Mike Kramer, and he was very polite and was not forceful to sell the Safe Step Tub. The installers were very careful not to damage our home and were courteous and answered our questions professionally.  -David Luna, Brush CO

 I love my Safe Step Tub, it helps my arms, legs and back. I wouldn’t know what I would of done if my husband didn’t get it for me. I love him as well as I love my Safe Step Tub. - Sharon LaLone, Water, NY

We really do love our new walk-in tub! We can have the “spa treatment” any time we choose. Both my husband and I have several medical conditions that cause pain most of the time. The warm water jets help to soothe and relax our tired, aching bones and muscles. As a nurse, I know the healing inducing effects of warm, moist soaks, and the circulation increase that the massaging water jets induce. Soon after we had our tub installed, I no longer needed to leave my home and drive 20 miles to the physical therapy group to have warm, moist heat and stretching techniques. I now can do this in the comfort of my own home! The time and money I save helps to off-set the cost of the tub.

I am happy, though, that I will be able to bathe for the rest of my life and not worry about having difficulty getting in/out or slipping and falling in the tub.- Mrs. Benita Paulk-DeWitt, Monroe, GA

We enjoy our Safe Step Walk-In Tub! Our problems with circulation, knee, and back pain are alleviated substantially. We are also pleased that the presence of the tub enhances the bathroom!!- Sergio & Maria LeBon, Palm Coast, FL

My Safe Step Walk-In Tub is very convenient and relaxing. I feel more secure using it since I have bad knees, and my balance is sometimes off. Being able to once again soak in a hot bath, with the added benefit of the jets, has done wonder for my stiff joints! Thank you!- Nida Renshaw, Clinton, NC

“You’re never too old for a Safe Step Walk-In Tub”

I love my Safe Step Walk-In Tub. I haven’t had water up to my bosoms in so many years. It relieves the pain I have in my knee, from bone on bone. 100 years old and still going to strong! - Vivian Shorek, Gross Point Park, MI

Thanks for your interest in my satisfaction in your fancy tub. Mid 40’s—love it! My wife believes it is helping her aches and pains. I don’t love this tub because of medical issues, but I believe in you product! And I’m sure it adds to the value of our home.- William Morehouse, McCormick, SC

We have enjoyed the Safe Step Walk-In Tub. It is the best decision we have ever made! If I feel aches and have pain, first thing I do is head for my Safe Step tub. It helps my legs, back, and even my fingers! When we get ready to hit the golf course, I get in the tub to loosen up my joints. It not only helps my body but mind also. So refreshing when I get out. It fills up fast and drains within minutes. Also easy to get in and out of! Love my Safe Step!!- Linda Mays, Beckley, WV

I find the Safe Step Walk-In Tub very satisfying. It was difficult for me to get in and out of my regular tub because of the pain in my knees. I am very glad that someone came up with a tub that gives someone like me relief from the pain that I encounter daily.- Betty B. Alston, Concord, NC

What a smart decision I made! My leg was in constant pain from arthritis, and then I had a Safe Step Tub installed. In one month of getting massaged from the water jets and air jets, my pain has completely disappeared!

I can’t say it will work for everyone, but it worked for me. Thank you Safe Step, my new tub is worth every penny, I love it! - I. Kash, Bloomfield Twp, MI

I am a caregiver for my husband. It was difficult getting him in and out of the regular tall tub. I decided to look at the walk-in tubs to help me. Now I can’t say as yet it was easier to get him to want to bathe; hopefully, with time, that will change. However, the Safe Step Walk-In Tub is a blessing for both of us as to the ease of bath times, and getting in and out especially. He can now do that part without help. I am enjoying the “spa” part of bathing and feel it is helping my joints at the same time!- Phyllis Browne, Austin, TX

Quality Service!

Our Safe Step Tub is now installed in our home. The job was done by Bradford. You should give him a medal! His patience was unbelievable – the work was the best. Restored, cleaned…everything! I hope he will be with you for years to come. - C.D. Danielson, Belen, NM

This is the best new project we have ever done. We truly love the new tub; wish we had done the job a long time ago! Our house is about 100 years old, and we redo parts of it a little at a time. We have been in the house for 43 years, and this is the best.

The men came in, had our new tub in before the day was over, and cleaned up the bathroom before they left.  So far, we cannot say anything bad about the tub or the men that put it in. They were great!

The sales person, Jason F., was so nice. He did not pressure us into anything; just gave us time to make our minds to buy. Gene C. and the other guy were great when they installed the tub.- Rose Mary Bottoms, Cumming, GA

After considerable research and entertaining estimates from several of your competitors, we recently made our big decision and purchased a Safe Step Walk-in Tub from your salesman, Mr. Robert Staples.  He was very informative and pleasant helping us to conclude that Safe Step was the tub for us. I am writing to let you know that we have been pleased with our new tub experience from start to finish.  We were very impressed with our installers, Eric and Billy.  They were very personable, professional, knowledgeable and efficient.  They definitely went the “extra mile” to make sure we were satisfied with our installation and the operation of our new Safe Step Tub.

They ensured that the tub we ordered was definitely what we wanted before they proceeded to install it.  We upgraded to a tub that would be better suited to our physical attributes and abilities.  Once the new tub was constructed, they returned quickly for installation.  They made sure and kept the sheet rock dust to a minimum, did not track up our floors, did a wonderful job and returned all doors, pictures, and knick-knacks to their proper place to the best of their ability.  Our “new” tub was installed so well that it looks like it has always been right where it is now.  You would never know that a different tub was there and had been replaced. Thank you for all of your assistance.  And, thanks to Eric and Billy for a most pleasant experience.  They were great and they definitely turned a dreaded construction project into a most enjoyable experience.  They certainly were first class.  We were really glad and thankful they were our installers.- Sandra & Wayne Dodson, Rhoadesville, VA

We have now been using your recent installation of a Safe Step Walk-In Tub at our home for a few weeks. It certainly is a much safer method of bathing, plus being able to sit, relax, and enjoy the action of the water bubbling around you. Both my wife and I thoroughly enjoy using this facility.

I would also like to commend the two gentlemen who installed the tub. They were courteous, careful, and cleaned up after themselves.

I want to thank your company for your pleasant and helpful sales person and so far, excellent product which will last us for a long time! -Walter Upton, Maple Ridge, B.C.

Dan Anna, the excellent plumber/contractor sent to install our amazing, brand new Safe Step Tub is just about ready to leave the premises here, having done an amazing job for us.

One never knows when promised an excellent contractor for an installation, exactly what you might get. Truly, a fair amount of good luck is involved. However, much you might have liked or trusted the salesman (Doug Smith) making the original assurances. I want you to know that Dan Anna, along with his capable assistant, Chris Gonsalves, did an absolutely excellent job with the installation of our Safe Step Tub.

From the moment they arrived (on time, prepared, well-organized and groomed for the job), I knew I was in luck. And, the job was completed ahead of schedule. Usually, contractors over-promise and under-deliver. These guys never tried to “snow” me and were true to reality and their good word. Then, too, a fast installation can sometimes be too hasty and leave holidays or mistakes. Such was not the case with these two. Their work was superb and their care of our home and people in it was exceptional. I cannot say enough about how highly I comment their work to you and thank you for having such a well-prepared craftsman doing what is arguably the most important part of your service—getting it in and user-friendly enough for the client to enjoy safely and securely!

Thank you so much for this experience! Do not hesitate to let me know if I can offer any information. I have already promised out extraordinary gentleman/salesman, Doug Smith, a follow-up letter and photos from our first use of the tub!- Diane M. Caplin, Ph.D., Portsmouth, RI

Absolutely satisfied with my Safe Step Walk-In Tub. The experience of having it installed and in use has been a true pleasure! Your installers were first rate and did a purely professional installation. The tub itself is pure joy to help relieve the aches and pains associated with my elderly body. Thank you!!- Kenneth Shelton, Littleton, CO

We are writing in response to the excellent installation of our Safe Step Tub. John V. arrived at our home one week after purchasing the tub. John was extremely courteous and friendly. He carefully covered the walkways to insure they would not get soiled with the constant movement from inside to outside during the installation. He explained what would be needed for the installation. John and his assistant, Gilberto carefully removed tile that was not needed. They also removed a banco (bench) which was in the shower. After they installed the tub John and Gilberto quickly and efficiently made a shelf where the banco was once. They also replaced the door frame that they needed to remove to get the tub into the bathroom. These items were performed the most professional way.

After everything was installed they swept picking up remains of dust and remnants from the bathroom and even outside were they had been cutting the wood! John is a professional who is more than competent, trustworthy and friendly. He made us feel at ease during the process. Thank you John, and Safe Step Tub for a job well done. - Manuel and Joan Montoya, Chimayo, NM

Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with Richard. He filled me in on all the advantages there are in owning a Safe Step Tub. Then to have Kevin and Adam come out and install the tub to say the least an enlightening experience. Their professionalism and knowledge of installing the tub was outstanding. They covered all the bases. They arrived when Kim said they would and got right to work and were done that day! I have used the tub and am very satisfied with all the features. It is so relaxing, plus gets all the kinks out of the body from a hard day. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. -Claude D. Lasley, Jr., Palatka, FL

I am very pleased with my Safe Step Tub. It is very relaxing and really makes my ankles feel a lot better. The swelling goes out of them quickly! I was in an automobile accident three years ago and broke some bones in my ankle. It was still painful everyday as the swelling increased. Now I get in my tub and soak my ankles as well as the rest of my tired bones. At 65, I need to relax like this every night. I was unable to get into the tub and soak like this since my wreck. I had to take showers, as I could not bend my ankle to get up and down the tub. This has been a real blessing!

Everyone was very nice and polite. The salesman took his time and really convinced me that this tub was the best for the money. I guess he was right. The guys that did the installation stayed from about 10:00am to 7:00pm on the day “Sandy” came in and went up the coast. We live in Georgia, and they had to go north to get home. They were worried, but they stayed until everything was done.

It was a very pleasant experience and worth every penny. I have recommended the company to several of my co-workers where I used to work.- Ruth Anne Kelley, Griffin, GA

I am thoroughly pleased with the tub, and the people that I met, beginning with Jeff K., then the professional manner in which the men that installed my new tub. Donnie H. and Wayne worked very hard, beginning at 8 a.m. and worked all day until 7 p.m.

I appreciated very much that they put down drape clothes and removed all the debris.

It was a very pleasant experience and have told a lot of my friends already.- Barbara Salesky, Athens, AL

Everyone at Safe Step Walk-In Tub has made obtaining this tub effortless. Robert Staples (sales) was helpful with financing advice. Holly and Doug were nice and helpful when I kept getting my operating buttons mixed up.

This tub is great! It is the first time ever that a tub bath has been enjoyable.-Eunice Freeman, Conway, SC

I want to compliment my installer, Bradford Elliott, who installed my new walk-in tub on May 29, 2012—A more diligent worker I have ever seen. He arrived on time, went right to work, and didn’t even stop for a lunch break. He finished late that evening. He never wasted any time or minutes of talking or back tracked. He was all business.

He was very polite, answered all my questions, and kept me informed throughout the day as to what he was doing. We are very pleased and happy with the looks and workmanship of our Safe Step Walk-In Tub. I am 74, and the care giver of my mother who is 99.- Donna St. John, Pryor, OK

We are enjoying our Safe Step Walk-In Tub. All installation went smoothly, and the workers get an A+ for courtesy and concern for our home!- Gary & Mary Danforth, Portales, NM

We felt we must write to compliment the two installers of the Safe Step Tub in our home on November 18-19, 2011.

First, both men have a can do attitude, and they never swayed from that thinking. No matter what challenge came up, they had the experience and know how attitude, they did not hesitate. Both men wanted to do the job right, all the way to the end.

I especially enjoyed how they worked as a team, always there to give the other a hand when needed. Also they never allowed a mess to accumulate and would clean up after each phase of construction. That was important to me.

When faced with the fact that they would have to make the door wider, they were careful to assure me, that was not a problem and that they would not leave until the job was completed and done in a professional manner and I would be happy. This installation was not the normal installation, much planning and preparation had to be made to get the tub into position. They worked until the job was completed and everything was cleaned up and removed from the premises. A job well done.

A product or company is just as good as the people you have working and installing that product, the installers do more to sell the company and product than anyone else. You are blessed with two good employees, Larry O. and C.W., Treat them well, they deserve this letter of thanks.- David L. and Louise Roden, Rossville, GA


From the very first introductions to “Safe Step Walk-In Tub” by Cindy, who called on me with all the information and helped me with making the financial arrangements I needed. Cindy was the most pleasant person and took the time to explain everything I wanted to know about the tub. Thanks Cindy.

Jesse M. and his crew of Taylor S. and Shane Y. arrived on Tuesday morning, on the hottest day of the year, and they had tough job ahead of them, with very little space in which to work trying to get one tub out and another one in. They were very pleasant to deal with and very careful in all they did. They were mindful of my carpets and doorways to make sure nothing was damaged. It was a tough job in that heat but they handled it well. They came back on Wednesday to finish. I had to be out on Wednesday, but felt quite confident at leaving them along in my home to carry on and didn’t see it until the evening.

It’s BEAUTIFUL, RESTFUL, RELAXING and I know I’m going to enjoy it for the rest of my life and I hope because I have a Safe Step Tub that I will be able to stay in my own home longer.

Thank you Thank you One and All for Everything! - Joan Daniels, Ladner, B.C.

We are new to the Safe Step Walk-In Tub Family and just had to let you know how pleased we are with our new tub. From the first phone call to set up the appointment for our sales representative, Michael Kramer, to come to our home, to the day of the installation, with the great crew lead by Brad E., we were very satisfied.

Michael Kramer was so knowledgeable about the benefits the tub offers and explained everything to us until we were sure that this was the tub for us. He was so polite and reassuring when presenting the information to us and explaining the installation process.

Brad and his crew arrived promptly and got to work right away for our tub installation. They also explained each step to us and allowed us to take peeks at the progress. Once of the most amazing parts was how neat they worked. When the job was completed, we were given a demonstration on how to work our new tub. When they left for the day, no one would have ever guessed what all had taken place in our home. Everything was left as neat and clean as it was when they arrived.

I could go on and on regarding our great experience with our salesman and the installers. We are so pleased that we decided to purchase our walk-in tub. - Mike and Myrna Romero, Ranchos de Taos, NM

We had one of your tubs installed in our home on July 27, 2011. We are very satisfied with the tub and the crew that installed the tub. The crew chief was Gene C. with help from Gary S. Both men were knowledgeable and friendly. They made a difficult installation work smoothly. They were able to complete the installation in one day. Even though it was a long day, they were just as friendly and hard working at the completion as they were in the beginning. After completing the installation, Gene was patient with us as he explained how the tub worked in layman terms.

We would highly recommend the tub to anyone as well as recommend both Gene and Gary be welcomed into anyone’s home to do the installation. We look forward to many years of good use from our Safe Step Walk-In Tub. It will make a big difference in the quality of life for both my wife and I.

Thank you - Jane and Tom Duello, Hartwell, GA

Sale and installation were handled as promised: professionally, courteously, and timely. All involved personnel were a pleasure to meet and open our doors for them to perform their tasks.- Hard A. Callicutt, Greensboro, NC

Reclaiming Independence!

After falling two times in my old “glamour” tub, my new tub is a God send. I feel safe and confident with my Safe Step Tub. I was afraid to even walk near my old one. I love the extra features, lights, well just about every little & large equipment this tub has. Thank you for making my life better. I am 65 years old, and in it, I feel like a teenager again. Also, the guys that installed my tub were very good at their jobs. Thank you so much!- Priscilla Wilson, Madison, AL

I am an 83 year old man that has both hips and one knee replaced. The other knee is bad, so I cannot sit in a bathtub and get back out of it. This walk-in tub by Safe Step is a God send to me!! The only problem I have with it is not wanting to get out of it. Best day & money I have ever spent!!- Jim Chipman, Austin, TX

LOVE IT, LOVE IT! The last thing my husband bought for me before he died. I always took a tub bath growing up as a child and always remembered that. We had a claw foot tub here at the farm but were never able to get into it since I have Osteo-Arthritis.

Now, Safe Step is my tub, hot tub, and my way of bathing and relaxing all together—Just step right in! It would take a lot for me to give it up. If I ever sold the farm and bought another home, I would make sure to take my Safe Step Tub or buy another!

A very happy customer-  Wanda Fey, Lexington, KY

Wanted to finally let you know, I am very pleased with my new Safe Step Walk-In Tub and love to show it off to my many friends and relatives! The installers did a fine job which was not that easy in my apartment. However, they were both great to get along with.

Thanks for a job well done! I recently had my 90th birthday and wish I had made this purchase long ago! – Eileen Marsh, Richmond, B.C.

I am 75 years old. I live alone and use a wheelchair. Being able to actually bathe rather than just shower is wonderful. The Safe Step Tub is beautiful and makes my daily life much easier. My daughter is very happy I got it because she doesn’t have to worry about me falling when getting in and out of a regular tub. Many thanks!!-Marie Hornberger, Pflugerville, TX

Walk-in tub has been lifesaving to me. It gives me the ability to bathe at my own convenience.- Lawrence D. Pelis, Clarksville, TN

Cynthia Gray is a 49 year old female, (my little sister) who has Cerebral Palsy, (lack of muscle control, especially in the limbs) and who is mentally retarded (a medical condition affecting someone’s control over their movement).

In the past year, it has been very difficult for Cindy to bathe herself. The shower has a very small seat inside, and it was very slippery. Cindy had to get out of her wheelchair to a shower seat (outside of the shower), and then had to climb into her shower that has a separate shower seat. She could only use one hand to wash herself, as she had to hold the shower head with the other hand to rinse off. She has not been able to shower or bathe by herself for quite a while. The floor and seat in the shower was too slippery.

Struggling to get in and out of two chairs to get washed up has been physically defeating and exhausting for Cindy. She has fallen twice this past year.

Cindy and I purchased a Safe Step Walk-In Tub. This tub has a 4 inch step up, anti-slip floor and seat, 2 built in grab bars, each reach controls, a hand held shower wand and is American Disability Act Compliant.

Cindy has been able to use the tub on her own now. It has relaxed her legs and improved her circulation. She has slept through the night as she has never done before. Her legs would jump (as she would say), now they don’t. Cindy can only raise her leg about 4 inches off the floor, she does not stumble getting in now. Cindy takes her wheelchair to the Safe Step Walk-In Tub then takes two little steps to a 4 inch step-up into her tub. She then sits on the anti-slip seat (a big seat) all the while using the grab bars. She is happy to be able to use both her hands to clean herself. She can also use the showerhead in the tub to wash her own hair.

Cindy is now able to clean herself and not be in danger of injuring herself.

Thank you very much for your knowledge of this tub and the good work of installing the tub. We are very happy and clean! - Brenda Bricker & Cindy Gray, Manchester, KY

I love my tub. I initially got it because my husband was unable to step into our original tub after losing his ability to walk. He saw the commercial for the tub when he was in the hospital and told me to get it. Once I ordered it, it only took one day to install it. My husband did not come home from the hospital for another two months, so I got to use the tub myself first! I had knee surgery last year, and my knee aches, especially when it gets cold, so sitting in that tub with those relaxing lights and jets hitting my legs were heavenly!

When my husband got home from the hospital, he was able to bathe himself easily without much assistance. He can go from his wheelchair to the tub with no problem! Also, the jets promote good circulation in his legs since he is diabetic. This Safe Step Tub was the best investment we have ever made!- Annie Daniel, East Point, GA

When I first saw the walk-in tub advertised on television, I knew I wanted it, needed it. When the Safe Step salesman came to visit us he was so friendly and helpful in answering all our questions.

Buying the Safe Step Walk-In Tub was the best investment we have made lately. My husband’s legs were injured in an oil field accident back in the 1950’s. Over the years, he has developed arthritis in them. He walks with his crutch or walker, and in the house he uses a chair with rollers on it to get around. There is no way he could get in or out of our big bath tub. We have a smaller bathroom with a shower in it so he can get in that bathroom and sit on the commode seat. Then with my help, he could manage to get into the shower. There he would site on an old kitchen stool we had covered with plastic. I would then have to undress and get in the shower with him and bath him. By the way he weighs almost exactly 100 pounds more than I do. Then we would struggle to get him back on the commode seat so I could dry him off.

Now, with the Safe Step Tub, he can roll right up to the tub. It is tall enough that he can use it to pull himself up and get into by himself and sit on the seat which is just the right height. He can bathe himself either with the shower head or with a tub full of water. He enjoys the therapeutic additions and says that it really helps him relax. With the extra bars they added just to fit him, he can pull himself up and get out of the tub and onto the commode seat to dry himself off. All I have to do now is dry his feet and back.

I like the tub, too. It makes me feel wonderful. It had been a blessing to both of us.- Marjorie Bigham, Pearshall, TX

We love our Safe Step Walk-In Tub!

I have received the Safe Step Walk-In Tub a little over a month ago, and I enjoy it every day. I have seen and felt a lot better since I have been using the tub. I just love it! For so long, I wanted one to make it easier on my daughter because I live with her. Now she can go on about her work around the house and not worry about me taking a bath by myself. I just sit back and relax, taking my own time now. I think if any person with any kind of disability should get them a Safe Step! I just love mine. I would not take a million dollars for mine! Thank you everyone for the Safe Step from the top person to the men that put my tub in. They were just wonderful to me and my home!-Susie Stokely, Lancaster, KY

We enjoy our new Safe Step Walk-In Tub. It is safe, comfortable, and meets our needs. Especially if you have health problems of your feet, legs, and back, it is wonderful! You feel so relaxed after your bath and can rest peacefully all night. You are not afraid of falling and can sit while you bathe or shower.

It is the best money we have spent and put to use in our home. We would recommend it to all ages. We are 76 and 77 with Bobby having neuropathy and Parkinson Disease. We would not sell our house if we could. We do not want to be without it!

Thank you so much for this priceless fixture!- Bobby & Jean Wiley, Danville, AL

Before this purchase, my fear of getting in and out of the bathtub thinking a bad fall could be serious- I have a bad a hip and degenerative disc disease and needed a hot soak after for relief.

Our walk-in tub is safe and very relaxing.-  Jeanie Armstrong, Nashville, TN