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Interactive Tub

Our new heating system warms your seat and lower back for added comfort
Enjoy the relaxing aromas emitted through our Aromatherapy Compartment
Ease effortlessly in our 17" Anti-Slip Tub Seat, engineered to make seating more comfortable and safe
With Built-In and Wall Mounted Safety Bars always within comfortable reach, you"ll feel safe and secure as you bathe.
Our strategically positioned Personal Hygiene System & Bidet helps to comfortably cleanse "hard-to-reach" areas
Conveniently manage water movement from multiple sources with our Water Flow Control Diverter
Our Delta Brand Hand-Held Shower Wand helps you effectively reach all areas of your body while seated and makes bathing simple and easy
Operate your tub"s features without stretching or straining using our Easy-Reach Controls
Our Anti-Slip Tub Floor keep you stabilized and prevents falls before, during and after your bath
With the industry"s leading low 4" Tub Step-In threshold, you can easily enter your tub without strain or discomfort
(4" uninstalled)
Easily lock your door with our No-Strength Locking Handle, specifically designed for arthritic hands

*Restrictions may apply