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Safe Step can be a stress-free bathing experience. Our securely built tubs can help you stay clean in total comfort and peace of mind.

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10 adjustable Hydro-jets target the water where it’s needed most, helping you relax and invigorate tired muscles.

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Discover how our oxygen-rich microbubble system can help stimulate, exfoliate, and restore your skin.

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This isn’t a sideline for us—it’s a speciality. Every detail of our 100% American-made tubs and showers are built to last and backed with a lifetime guarantee.

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Walk in tub

Should You Install a Walk-in-Tub and Shower?

Should You Install a Walk-in-Tub and Shower? The question of whether to install a walk-in tub and shower is one that anyone living long-term in a home will have to face eventually. The reasons are varied, but all come down to one reality: navigating into traditional tubs and showers requires a dexterity that some no…
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tub and shower combo

Comparison: Walk in Shower vs Shower Tub Combo

Comparison: Walk in Shower vs Shower Tub Combo One question that perplexes a lot of people who are remodeling their bathrooms is whether to go with a tub or a shower or a combo of both. Tubs and showers may not seem to be that challenging, but making the right decision can have a lasting…
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bathtub shower

Optimizing Bathroom Space with a Tub to Shower Conversion

  Optimizing Bathroom Space with a Tub to Shower Conversion If you’re elderly, have trouble getting into a bathtub, are looking to stay in your home a little longer, or just feel your current bathtub/shower arrangement takes up too much space, looking at walk-in bathtub showers is one option that is open to you. More…
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tub shower combo

Senior-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Senior-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Ideas As people age, many things get tougher. Seniors can begin to have trouble doing things like using a restroom, both to relieve themselves and bathe themselves. There are some changes you can make to a bathroom to make it easier for seniors to use. Physical Accessibility Moving is one of the…
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Things to Consider When Choosing a Bath and Shower Combo

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bath and Shower Combo When you’re upgrading your bathroom, nothing is as important as determining what kind of shower, tub, or bath and shower combo you want installed. There are so many varieties of tub and shower combinations, that it can become confusing. Furthermore, if you have an elderly…
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