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Considering Customer Reviews When Purchasing a Walk-In Tub

If you’re a senior or someone who experiences mobility issues, you may have considered replacing your current bathtub with a walk-in tub. Walk-in bathtubs can help you age in place by making bathing safer and more therapeutic. Choosing which one to buy, however, can get overwhelming if you don't know what to look for. Keep reading to learn why considering customer reviews when purchasing a walk-in tub can be very helpful!   A Place to Start If you’re new to [...]
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Safe Step Walk In Tubs For People With Disabilities

Bathroom Upgrades Throughout the Ages

Although, According to Consumer Reports, nearly 235,000 people visit the emergency room every year due to slip and fall injuries in the bathroom, most people want to stay in their homes as long as possible. Staying in the home you love doesn’t have to mean keeping dated decor or hazardous fixtures forever. Let’s talk bathroom upgrades! You can create a classic, timeless, or modern look while keeping safe in the slippery bathroom. Just a few simple renovations can help maintain […]

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Walk-In Tub Maintenance

Maintenance Guide for Your Walk-In Tub

Quality walk-in tubs will last you a lifetime. However, that doesn’t mean you can get away with not maintaining them properly. Proper maintenance is essential to ensure that your walk-in tub stays beautiful, safe, and functional. This maintenance guide for your walk-in tub will provide you with tips for properly maintaining this type of tub. Rinse after Bathing After you use your walk-in tub, you may want to simply go about your day. However, a few minutes of maintenance every […]

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Elderly Couples

Medicare Open Enrollment: What You Need to Know

The 2023 Open Enrollment period for Medicare plans runs from October 15-December 7, 2022. Many may wonder what exactly Open Enrollment means and how they can best take advantage of this time. Don’t fear, Safe Step is here with all you need to know about 2023 Medicare Open Enrollment! During this period, Medicare enrollees have the opportunity to reevaluate their plans and choose to elect for new coverage. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your options, compare […]

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Home Therapeutic

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from plants to enhance wellbeing, both mentally and physically. Believe it or not, the benefits of aromatherapy can help change the way you think and feel! There are many different aromas out there and many different ways to experience aromatherapy. Every Safe Step Walk-In Tub is equipped with an aromatherapy compartment. This enables our customers with the ability to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and enhances their sense of comfort […]

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Using VA Benefits for Walk-In Tubs

Using Veterans Affairs Benefits for a Walk-In Tub

Every Safe Step Walk-In Tub is proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. Therefore, we are eternally grateful for the veterans who have served this country. We are happy to help any veteran who may be looking for assistance learn more about using Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits for a walk-in tub. For many, this is an investment in their future, and, luckily, there are grants available to assist in making your home’s bathroom a safer place. Fortunately, the VA […]

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why a walk-in tub is a must-have for seniors: Safe Step Tub

Top Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

Many seniors deal with varying degrees of mobility limitations. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase bathroom accessibility. Grab bars, textured flooring, and walk-in tubs are among the many solutions out there to make the bathroom less risky. The right improvements can greatly enhance safety for seniors choosing to age in place. However, making the bathroom more secure takes additional steps. While installing proper equipment and fixtures may be helpful, there are also some habits and behaviors that seniors can […]

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Barrier-Free Shower image

Advantages of a Barrier-Free Bathroom

Maintaining safety and wellbeing can be a challenge with limited mobility. This is especially true when going to the bathroom, a practice that many often take for granted. Whether it’s for using the toilet or for bathing, trips to the bathroom are an essential part of our daily lives. Thankfully, we have the option of reducing these risks through bathroom modifications. Practically every aspect of the bathroom can be transformed to accommodate your needs. While many may wince at the […]

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Jacuzzi Tub Shower Combo

Walk-In Tub Misconceptions

For seniors with limited mobility, bathing can often transform from a relaxing, necessary practice to a risky, fearsome burden. Walk-in tubs provide a unique solution to this problem, potentially making bathing safe and accessible once again. Unfortunately, there are many walk-in tub misconceptions. These can sometimes cloud the judgement of those in need a better bathing solution and prevent them from seeing the many benefits of walk-in tubs. Door Leaks One of the biggest walk-in tub misconceptions centers on what […]

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Safe Step Low Step Entry

How Walk-In Tubs Can Help Prevent Bathroom Falls

For those who live with limited mobility, the simple task of maintaining personal hygiene can pose several risks. Accidental bathroom falls make up for a large portion of in-home injuries among seniors. Slick surfaces due to ever-present moisture in the bathroom are things that none of us want to face. Many homeowners who want to age in place decide to install a walk-in tub in their home to help minimize these bathroom risks. You may be wondering how a walk-in […]

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