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  • MicroSoothe Air Therapy System

    Oxygen-rich micro bubbles gently rejuvenate skin
  • Heated Seat & Backrest

    Offer warm comfort from start to finish
  • Accessible Door

    Effortless access without strain or discomfort
  • Built-in Safety Bars

    Safety and security within reach
Additional Features
  • New MicroSoothe Air Therapy System
    Oxygenates, softens and exfoliates skin while offering life-changing therapeutic benefits
  • Hand-held shower wand
  • Anti-scald technology
  • Installation and Service included
  • Industry Leading Low step-in
  • Quick release drain
  • 10 Hydro Jets targeting your back, legs and feet
  • Relaxing Aromatherapy plant oil pellets dissolve and emit pleasant aromas
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