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Safe Step News

Doug Edwards

Doug is a U.S. Navy veteran and retired NYPD officer who bravely participated in the 9/11 search and recovery efforts in 2001. We were proud to honor Doug with this donation as a token of gratitude for his service.

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Rene Bonville

Safe Step is now the largest, most well-respected and third-party accoladed walk-in tub company in North America. With a significant milestone in sight last year (100,000 tubs being manufactured), Safe Step targeted Bonville based on his invaluable impact on the company. Duffer, Oliver and his family along with 100 team members gathered late last year in order to honor the man who very well may have triggered the company’s prosperity. Safe Step created a program of giving in 2013, aptly […]

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CJ DeGennaro

A single father, Steve has devoted his life to caring for his son but was unable to afford the one thing he needs: a walk-in tub. CJ’s grandmother used to take CJ to water therapy at a local facility but passed away and Steve works full-time so CJ is in the predicament of having to obtain a ride to water therapy. CJ received a surprise donation from Safe Step Walk-In Tub and was surrounded by friends and family. The tub […]

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Bev Turner

Nominated by her boss, Karmen Vance, she was surprised in the lobby of Safe Step headquarters by her colleagues. Also in on the secret: her father Maurice, who purchased a Safe Step tub prior to the donation. It was the ultimate corporate feel-good moment of the year. Bev was involved in a motorcycle accident and was working through constant pain at three jobs before Safe Step gave her an opportunity. She is revered by her peers and is reportedly feeling […]

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John Deaver

Based on John’s production of the young girl’s video, he was hired full-time for the program. John has traveled from coast-to-coast on a shoestring budget in order to capture these special moments. What John didn’t call attention to was the fact that he was suffering himself. John has Ankylosis Spondylitis, an incurable degenerative disease. In layperson’s terms, it’s like a clamp around your back and eventually, your spine will fuse completely. He visits the Alabaster YMCA when he can to […]

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Eric Fuehrer

Safe Step Tubs, based in Nashville, heard about Eric’s story – that he couldn’t maneuver in a standard tub safely — and decided to award him with a life-changing walk-in tub at no charge. So, in a secret kept by family and friends for months, Eric was lured to a softball tournament after being told his boys were playing. They weren’t. Unable to walk long distances, he was escorted by a utility vehicle to home plate as hundreds looked on. […]

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Shauna Bylund

But her wish was for something that almost everyone takes for granted: the ability to bathe safely. Her parents, Cindy and Mike, are strapped with medical bills related to Shauna’s health conditions, and we’re unable to grant their daughter’s reasonable request. So Cindy decided to write a company in Nashville, Tennessee, which indisputably makes the premiere walk-in tub on the market, Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co. She submitted a nomination for consideration for a free tub through the company’s nationally-recognized […]

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Jimmy Cox

Through the Safe Step Cares website, Cox received more than 30 nominations from his friends and family in the area. It was enough to make Safe Step’s monthly list of candidates. Safe Step receives dozens of nominations monthly, chooses the most deserving, and then invites its team members to vote on the winner. Cox won November’s popular vote. “This is the gift of a lifetime and one that will change Jimmy’s life forever,” said Jimmy’s mom Helen Nonnemacher. “Safe Step […]

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Kaitlyn Weaver & Anna Grace McDonald 2017 Revisit

We call them Alabaster’s Angels, two young ladies from a small town in Alabama, both hindered but not defeated by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Each received a tub through Safe Step Cares and we dropped in on them in 2017 to check on their progress. As you’ll see, both are having better lives and both credit the tub for making a positive difference in their homes.

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Adam Roen Revisit 2017

It’s been a long road back. When we first met him, he was getting around very slowly and painfully. Flash forward two years after our donation and he’s running a basketball camp for young kids. He is moving much more fluidly and credits his Safe Step tub for getting him through the tough days and assisting him in his rehabilitation overall. As fun as the delivery was, the checkin visit was even better. To watch him keep up with his […]

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