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The Perks of Having Hydrotherapy in Your Walk-In Tub

Water in Walk-In Tub

Written By: Safe Step Tub

February 3, 2020

How many times have you come home after a long day and felt sore all over? Have you ever wished you had a way to ease the pain? When daily massages aren’t possible, there’s only one other option. Walk-in baths with hydrotherapy are just what you need after a long day. The bathtubs are easy to install and help you relax your weary body.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Immediate Pain Relief

Hydrotherapy uses air jet massage and water jets to massage your muscles while you’re soaking in the hot water bath. Walk-in bathtubs that feature hydrotherapy often have a seat for added safety and comfort. All users need to do is to turn on the tub and the hydrotherapy feature for immediate pain relief to start.

Improve Circulation

Do you have circulation problems? If so, installing a walk-in bathtub with hydrotherapy can improve these issues significantly. The soothing water not only feels good after a long day, but it increases circulation.

Protect Muscle Groups

People who use assistive mobility devices like crutches or wheelchairs expend a lot of energy all day long. Not only can it be exhausting to get from point A to point B, but the repetitive motion can cause wear and tear issues for certain muscle groups. Hydrotherapy soothes muscles and protects them so the body can use the muscles easier each day.

Stress Relief

Even if your mobility issues don’t leave you feeling weary and drained, you can still benefit from hydrotherapy. People tend to work themselves to the bone and rarely take a break. Hydrotherapy gives you a chance to slow down and recoup after a long day that can be physically and emotionally draining.

Decrease Joint Pain

Do you suffer from endless joint pain? People who have degenerative conditions such as arthritis enjoy the soothing benefits that hydrotherapy offers. The warm water and gentle jets relax the muscles around the joints and delivers better pain relief than you can get from a cheap hot tub.

Increase Endorphins

A soak in a hydrotherapy tub can also improve your mood. People feel happier when they get time to relax and their pain is soothed. This might be the greatest benefit of all.

How to Buy a Hydrotherapy Walk-In Tubs

When you begin researching senior bathtubs that include hydrotherapy, keep in mind that the tub must have three things for it to qualify as a hydrotherapy tub. These three things are heat, massage, and water.

Buyers must be careful not to fall for claims that more jets equal a better experience. Pain relief doesn’t come from multiple jets. It comes from having the jets positioned just so and delivering the right amount of pressure. This is a personal preference. For example, some people want their hydrotherapy tubs to deliver results equal to a deep tissue massage. To achieve this, the jets must be hit the body just so.

Water in Walk-In Tub

You also want to buy from trusted manufacturers who have been in the industry for years. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of hydrotherapy and want to get more information about the Pat Boone walk-in bathtub, contact Safe Step Walk-in Tub Company at (800) 346-6616.

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