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Walk-in Tub Theraputic Benefits

Hydro-Jet Water Therapy

Imagine having your entire body massaged by 10 strategically placed Hydro-Jets that are designed to soothe tight, aching areas. The jets are fully adjustable for a personalized bathing experience. You can change the speed and intensity for maximum comfort, and you can even make sure the Hydro-Jets only target on specific areas, such as legs, feet and back – or legs and feet only.

MicroSoothe® Air Therapy System

Our new MicroSoothe® Air Therapy System can be activated so that millions of tiny, oxygen-enriched bubbles circulate through your tub, turning your bath into a spa-like experience. Developed to stimulate and nourish your skin, these microbubbles lightly whirl against your entire body and leave your skin feeling ultra-soft and silky. You will feel like you are being enveloped in a milky, white cloud—a truly rejuvenating experience.


Chromotherapy has been shown to play a large part in your mood, thoughts and ability to relax. From the Greek work “chromo”, meaning “color”, chromotherapy can benefit your mental well-being by reducing anxiety and stress, while helping you relax. That’s why chromotherapy is a standard feature on every Safe Step Walk-In Tub. You can choose from 7 different colors of light within the tub, which can help relax your mind, body and soul.

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For thousands of years, people have known about the role our sense of smell plays in our thoughts and emotions. Holistic practitioners tell us that smell plays a key role in relaxation, as well as emotional and physical healing. Safe Step Walk-In Tubs uses this holistic approach and features Aromatherapy, where essential oils dissolve and emit pleasant, relaxing aromas when using MicroSoothe® Advanced Air Therapy System.

Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System

The Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System is a powerhouse of therapeutic benefits that combines adjustable whirlpools and air massage jets to help soothe aching muscles and joints and help release tension. Our Dual Hydrotherapy system can help provide symptomatic relief for a number of conditions, including:

Anxiety - Arthritis - Asthma - Balance Challenges - Bronchitis - Chest Congestion - Colds - Diabetes - Fibrosis - Headaches - Hemorrhoids - Insomnia - Joint, Muscle, and Nerve Concerns - Lower Back Pain - Lumbago - Poor Circulation - Rheumatism - Sciatica - Shingles - Stress - Varicose Veins

Personal Hygiene Therapy

When it comes to personal hygiene, we all have those “hard to reach” areas. As we get older, it seems like they get harder to reach! Safe Step’s Personal Hygiene Therapy System has a bidet built into the seat to so you can cleanse thoroughly whilst maintaining your comfort, safety and dignity.

Of course, maintaining the cleanliness of the water in the walk-in tub is a primary concern. So every Safe Step Walk-In Tub also features our Safe Water Ozone Cleaning System standard. The system constantly purifies the water through the jets, preventing bacteria from entering the tub. This assures you of a completely safe and sanitary bathing experience every time!

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