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All You Should Know about Walk-In Showers

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In the last few years, walk-in showers have increased in popularity. These showers, also called curbless showers, are a great way to add function to your bathroom and make getting in and out of the shower easier for people with mobility issues. If you’re interested in renovating your bathroom to include a walk-in shower, here’s what you need to know.

Defining a Walk-In Shower

Most people hear this term and immediately ask, “Isn’t every shower a walk-in?” The answer is not really. Most showers require the user to step over a ledge or curb. Or, in the case of a shower-tub combo, the person must step over the edge of tub to stand in the shower. Walk-in showers have a seamless design. They don’t require you to step over anything.

Walk-in showers may or may not have a door or curtain. In fact, the benefit of this style is that you don’t have to worry about anything blocking the shower opening. Most walk-in showers have partial walls that takes the place of the door. Some homeowners have opted to install walk-in showers with glass walls to add elegance and a modern touch to the bathroom space.

Why Install a Walk-in Shower?

Walk-in showers are popular for many reasons. Below are a few examples of why homeowners choose this style for their home.

  • Ease of use for all ages: Getting in and out of the shower is difficult for people of all ages. You don’t have to be elderly or a small child to trip and fall over the shower’s curb. Families like that these showers are family-friendly whereas, older adults who want to age-in-place in their homes enjoy the safety and easy access that these types of showers offer.
  • Easier to clean: Whether you have a traditional shower stall in your bathroom or a bath-tub combo, you probably won’t argue the fact that cleaning these spaces isn’t fun. With all the bending and scrubbing involved, it’s a workout and risky. Many people slip and fall cleaning their showers versus getting in and out. Walk-in showers have fewer nooks and crannies to clean, which is a huge appeal for homeowners.
  • Sense of luxury: For many people, a walk-in shower is a luxurious purchase. It’s a way to open up small bathroom spaces and give the illusion of a bigger space. When you take away the need for doors and shower curtains, the bathroom space transforms almost immediately.

Designing the Shower

When you’re ready to install a Walk-in shower, make sure you work with professionals who understand the unique challenges this type of shower design has. Plumbers may need to install a different type of drainage system to make sure water flows into the floor drain and doesn’t flood other parts of the bathroom. You want your walk-in shower to minimize the possibility of slip and fall accidents. If water is reaching other parts of the bathroom, this interferes with the safety of the walk-in showers shower design.

There are numerous design options available for walk-in showers. Working directly with professionals helps you come up with a design that matches your style preferences as well as your budget.

Walk-in showers are ideal for all people and bathroom spaces. To learn more about walk-in showers made in the USA, contact the people who know these showers best, Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company, at

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