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Negating Your Mobility Issue with a Walk-In Bathtub

As we get older, we find that tasks that were once simple and easy can become more challenging. In some cases, the simple act of living an independent life can actually become dangerous. Taking a bath, for instance, can pose a serious problem for older people. If you suffer from mobility issues due to aging, you know how difficult and risky trying to enter a traditional bathtub can be. Thankfully, there are specially designed bathtubs for seniors that are safe and easy to navigate. Here are some ways walk-in bathtubs can help you regain the mobility you once had.

Making Baths Convenient Again

Taking a bath shouldn’t be an ordeal. When you make the switch to walk-in tubs, you remove the extra barrier that makes baths difficult and risky to older people. Designed with built-in benches and nonstick surfaces, walk-in tubs make taking a bath as easy as it ever was. Due to the difficulty of bathing in traditional tubs—and the fact that they may need assistance to do so—many seniors wind up taking fewer baths. This can lead to poor hygiene and affect a person’s confidence. Walk-in tubs enable those with mobility issues to take a bath any time they want without the help of anyone else, making the experience something a person can look forward to rather than dread.

Walk-In Tubs Improve Your Well Being in Other Ways

If you’re dealing with mobility issues, then you know it’s not just your movement that’s impaired. The state of your joints and muscles impacts every aspect of your life. Walk-in tubs address this problem because they can be outfitted with hydrotherapy jets. With the capacity to deliver hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, and even aromatherapy to sore and overtaxed muscles and joints, walk-in tubs can offer relief for sufferers of arthritis, muscle and joint pain, and skin issues. The benefits of hydrotherapy jets extend far beyond the bath itself, helping to improve your mobility throughout the day.

Walk-in bathtub

Greater Independence

Your mobility issues pose more than a challenge to your day-to-day activities, they impact your family’s well-being as well. Your loved ones want to know that you’re safe, and that’s hard to do if you want to take baths in a traditional bathtub. Knowing that you’re attempting baths on a regular basis in an environment where you might slip and fall is taxing on those you love and makes it more likely that you may have to move to an assisted living situation sooner than you’d prefer. Walk-in tubs remove the risks bathing may cause from your life, bringing a sense of relief to people who care about you, and enabling you to continue living in your home without depending on others.

If you’re someone who’s dealing with the challenges that come with mobility issues, then it’s time you contact the professionals at Safe Step Walk-In Tub. We’re industry leaders in senior bathtubs and can provide you with a walk-in tub made in the USA that’s perfectly suited to your needs. Don’t go another day with a traditional tub. Call us at (800) 346-6616 today!