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What Are the Options for Senior Friendly Bathrooms?


Old Man Cleaning His Face with Towel

It can be difficult to maneuver around when you get older, making the bathroom a dangerous place to navigate. There are a variety of tools that can be installed in your bathroom to make it much safer and easier for an older person to use. Understanding the options to implement in your bathroom will allow you to create the perfect environment. Here are some of the options to install in your walk-in tub shower to make it safer for an elderly person in your home.

Safety Equipment

There are various items in the bathroom that you may look to grab onto if you slip and fall, but these are not designed to handle a person’s body weight and can potentially collapse. Grab bars can be installed into the wall and are designed to hold you up as you move across the wet surface. Even if you install grab bars, the floor is still slippery and you may have to grab onto them if you fall. The best way to avoid an injury is not to fall at all and a great way to avoid that is to place non-slip bath mats on the tile floor of your bathroom. Standing for the time it takes to take a shower might also be difficult for an elderly person, so a bath or shower seat should be considered.

Walk-In or Wheel-In Tub or Shower

A wheel-in tub or shower is perfect for those that lack mobility. The unit usually features a seat and no door so that you can wheel into the shower and quickly move to the seat. The wheelchair can then be removed from the showering area so that you can proceed with rinsing off. An easy-to-reach hand-held shower head is located nearby so that you can easily wash without the need to stand up. If you do need to stand up or want greater stability, a grab bar should also be nearby so that you can hold onto it. A walk-in tub or shower is shaped similar to the typical tub, but features a door so that you can easily enter or exit the unit. While a wheel-in tub or walk-in tub usually consists of a walled unit, a walk-in tub is very similar to a typical tub. This allows for features like hydro-jets to assist with deep muscle pains and aching limbs.

Perfect Lighting in Bathroom


A lot of seniors have poor eyesight, so it’s important to ensure that the bathroom is well lit. This will allow them to easily see any obstacles in the way and spot safety features, like grab bars and non-slip bath mats. Ideally, you want your lightbulbs to have 968 lumens, as this will ensure brightness in the room. You want the room to be as bright as possible, so the more lumens, the better. It’s also a good idea to install a light switch with a neon indicator. This will make the switch easily recognizable when it’s dark so that your elderly loved one will be able to see it.

Maneuvering around a bathroom can be a dangerous process for an elderly person that lacks mobility. These features of an elderly-friendly bathroom will ensure their safety. Call on Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company to find the right walk-in tub shower for your household.