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Your Guide to Shop the Best Walk-In Baths

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The bathtub is the location for many accidents and injuries to the elderly. Unfortunately, the bathtub is also a necessary appliance. A senior can’t simply avoid the tub, so why not shop for bathtubs for the elderly and disabled? If you’re shopping for a walk-in shower tub, there are a few features that you should look for. After all, not every “senior tub” is actually safe enough for your loved one.

There are many producers of these safety home appliances, especially now that safe tubs are considered essential for a high standard of senior living. Just make sure you’re shopping smart. It’s a big investment to make.

Here are the top features that are must-haves when you shop for a safe walk-in bath.

Outward-Opening Doors

Safe walk-in baths tend to have one of two types of doors: inward or outward-opening doors. These doors help your senior loved one step safely into the tub and then create a seal behind them once inside. This seal helps prevent falls and block water from leaking out of the tub.

Inward-opening doors are great for leak protection. However, they require that the tub be drained before the bather can exit the tub. Meanwhile, outward-opening doors make exiting the tub easy. They also prevent the awkward motion of having to step around the door before opening it, or making room for an inward-opening door.

Appropriate Size and Style

There are many sizes of walk-in tubs, and as many different styles. You’ll save yourself plenty of stress and money if you shop for a tub that’s appropriate for the dimensions and styles of your current appliance. For instance, you should only shop for a walk-in tub and shower combo if this matches your current setup. Otherwise, you’ll have to make expensive changes to your plumbing to match.

However, if your senior needs expanded space for self-hygiene, it’s worth it to invest in a larger model. Remember that different tubs have different step-in heights. You should shop for a model that has a low step-in height if you have a mobility-limited senior at home.

Walk-In Bathtub Certification

Safe Step Walk-In Bathtub Certification
Bathtubs, like all home appliances, must be built according to certain safety and durability standards in order to protect the consumer. Every walk-in tub product you shop for should carry certification from the CSA/UL, American Standards Association, and other certifications of compliance with safety measures. Don’t settle for a tub that’s uncertified. You may be investing in a money pit.

Extra Features

There are many other convenient features to consider, like a low fill and drain time, and high-tech features. Of the latter, you can choose from warm air massage systems, bubble jets, and other luxury features that will make bath time as enjoyable as ever. A safe tub doesn’t have to be just a safety appliance. It can be a luxury appliance, too, provided you’re willing to pay a higher price tag for these extras.

When you shop for a walk-in shower or tub, make sure you look for these must-have features. A high-quality tub can save your senior from accidents or injury, all for a much lower price than you’d expect.


Bathing should be a soothing experience, regardless of age or mobility challenges. When it comes to your daily routine, you should never have to choose between comfort, safety, and independence — and now, with Safe Step Walk-In Tubs and Walk-In Showers, you don’t have to.

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