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Comparing Walk-In Tubs, Showers, and Tub and Shower Combos

walk-in tub with hydrotherapy jets on

Everyone needs a nice space in which they can get washed up and ready for the day or unwind before turning in for the night. That’s where walk-in tubs, showers, and even tub and shower combos come in very handy. After all, these bathroom amenities allow for a relaxing refresh and daily hygiene routines for people of all ages. While it’s important for everyone to be careful in the bathroom where the presence of water can make for some very slippery services, this is especially crucial for those who are getting older and may be struggling with their mobility. Choosing the right bathroom solution is key, whether that be a walk-in tub, shower, or bathtub/shower combo. Here are some helpful hints and details to help you figure out what makes these bathroom amenities different, and which one is right for you.

Walk-In Tubs

It’s up to personal preference whether you prefer sitting and soaking in the tub or standing and rinsing off in the shower. Some people are indifferent and don’t really mind either, while others have a set tradition and they’re sticking to it! For those who would choose bathtubs over showers, a walk-in tub can be a fantastic alternative to regular freestanding bathtubs. While those baths may look beautiful, they can be challenging to get in and out of, with a lot of clambering and climbing around. Not only is this not fun, but it can also be downright dangerous for senior citizens and others with mobility struggles. That’s why walk-in tubs are so popular because they’re much easier to enter, and they certainly minimize the risk of painful slips and falls.

Shower-tub combo

Walk-In Shower

If bathtubs aren’t your thing and you’re more suited to showers, then you have a lot of different shower styles to choose from. When you’re thinking about what you want from a shower, you should think about the design and additional aspects such as faucets and the all-important showerhead. Are you worried about having to step right into the shower? Do you think it will be hard to keep up with your showering routine as you get older? If these questions resonate with you, then paying close attention to some alternative shower designs, such as walk-in showers, is a great idea. When you have a decent shower, your daily life is made so much better.

Tub and Shower Combo

The third terrific option for bathroom amenities is the much-loved shower/tub combo. Combos are a brilliant choice for those who want to be able to pick and choose how they wash up for the day. Maybe some days are meant for baths, while others require the speed and simplicity of a shower. Having both easily accessible in your home means you have more variety and more options, which certainly isn’t something to complain about. The top tub and shower combos are made with a simple entrance and add-ons such as handrails and anti-slip resistant mats to keep everyone safe and secure. It pays off to invest in such a combo that opens up the opportunities for a relaxing bath or a satisfying shower.

If you or someone you know is having difficulty getting in and out of the bath, a tub and shower combo made in the USA with the highest-quality materials could be the right solution. Call Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company today for the best bath/shower combos on the market today!

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