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why a walk-in tub is a must-have for seniors: Safe Step Tub

Top Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

Many seniors deal with varying degrees of mobility limitations. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase bathroom accessibility. Grab bars, textured flooring, and walk-in tubs are among the many solutions out there to make the bathroom less risky. The right improvements can greatly enhance safety for seniors choosing to age in place. However, making the bathroom more secure takes additional steps. While installing proper equipment and fixtures may be helpful, there are also some habits and behaviors that seniors can […]

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Barrier-Free Shower image

Advantages of a Barrier-Free Bathroom

Maintaining safety and wellbeing can be a challenge with limited mobility. This is especially true when going to the bathroom, a practice that many often take for granted. Whether it’s for using the toilet or for bathing, trips to the bathroom are an essential part of our daily lives. Thankfully, we have the option of reducing these risks through bathroom modifications. Practically every aspect of the bathroom can be transformed to accommodate your needs. While many may wince at the […]

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Dry Skin Infographic

Combatting Dry Skin with Better Bathing

One common problem many of us face as we age is dry, flaky skin. This is a normal part of aging, affecting over half of the senior population. However, it is still an area of concern. Dry skin itches, interferes with daily tasks, and is prone to bacterial infections, some of which can be difficult to heal properly. Proper bathing is one of the best ways to treat dry skin issues, but this can be difficult for our aging population. […]

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Finding the Right Walk-in Tub for Seniors

As we age, the bathtub becomes more of a prime location for many accidents and injuries. However, it is also an essential tool in maintaining health, wellbeing, and cleanliness. We can’t simply avoid the tub, so the best course of action is to shop for a tub specifically designed for seniors. If you’re shopping for a walk-in shower tub, there are a few features that you should look for. After all, not every supposed “senior tub” is actually safe enough […]

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Take a Stand Against Mobility Issues with a Walk-In Tub or Shower

Reduced mobility due to age or injury can be challenging to cope with. It can feel like you’re no longer the person you used to be, unable to complete even the simplest of daily tasks. Your mobility can limit even your ability to tend to your personal hygiene, and in some cases, the problems are bad enough that you might consider giving up your home. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Your reduced mobility doesn’t have to define […]

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Important Safety Features for Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers are an excellent bathroom upgrade that promotes safety and convenience for those with more limited mobility. But while walk-in showers are so much safer than standard showers, they do still require the use of some important safety features that further improve the shower’s accessibility and safety. Keep reading to learn what important safety features your bathroom walk-in shower needs and how they can make your bathroom even safer. The Right Base When planning out your walk-in shower, you’ll […]

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How Seniors Can Stay Safe in the Bathroom

Bathroom safety applies to everyone, but seniors are generally the most vulnerable. The water and smooth surfaces in the bathroom, along with limited space, tend to make for potential hazards. In order to avoid a fall, safety is key. While walk-in showers for seniors offer obvious benefits, bathroom safety should be even more comprehensive. 1. Sit Down Standing in the shower for a long period increases the risk or a fall or accident. This is especially true for seniors. Luckily, […]

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Considerations for Small Bathroom Walk-In Showers

When it comes to accessibility, size really does matter in many cases. As individuals age, they often have to rely on a cane, walker, or even a wheelchair to help them get around. These mobility devices require extra space to navigate their way through the home. However, there are accessibility upgrades you can make even in a small space, such as upgrading to walk-in showers, even in small bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom but want to make the […]

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Sign It’s Time to Replace Your Bathtub with a Walk-In Shower

A long soak in the tub or bubble bath can be extraordinarily relaxing. However, the luxury of indulging in a bubble bath may not be worth the risk. A hip or knee replacement can severely impact your mobility. As people get older, they tend to lose their balance more easily, and daily chores or tasks can become more challenging. While everyone wants to keep their independence, some adjustments may need to be made. Having a Safe Step walk-in tub or […]

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Walk-In Tub vs. Walk-In Shower

Not everyone has the mobility or balance that they used to, and this can prove to be a bit of a hazard around the house. After a surgery or accident, people can end up having a more limited range or motion or difficulty maintaining their balance. Since the bathroom is the area of the home where the majority of accidents occur, it’s a primary point of concern. The elderly have many ways to make adjustments in the bathroom that can […]

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Why Walk-In Showers Are Convenient for the Whole Family

When you think of walk-in showers, you likely imagine them being used by an elderly individual who has limited mobility. And while these bathroom upgrades are the ideal safety feature for senior citizens who want to maintain independence in their home, a walk-in shower can be a convenient feature for your entire family. Keep reading to find out how. Independent Showering This has always been the primary goal of walk-in showers – helping people maintain independence when tending to their personal hygiene […]

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