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Sign It’s Time to Replace Your Bathtub with a Walk-In Shower

A long soak in the tub or bubble bath can be extraordinarily relaxing. However, the luxury of indulging in a bubble bath may not be worth the risk. A hip or knee replacement can severely impact your mobility. As people get older, they tend to lose their balance more easily, and daily chores or tasks can become more challenging. While everyone wants to keep their independence, some adjustments may need to be made. Having a Safe Step walk-in tub or shower installed can be immensely helpful. Of course, sometimes people are unsure about whether or not they need to make the change. There are a few signs that can help you determine whether or not a new tub or shower could be a wise decision.

Safety Features

AARP has some basic recommendations for at-home safety, especially when it comes to the bathroom. The first and probably most obvious recommendation is using non-skid mats or strips on the shower floor. These don’t have to be boring. Some of them are designed to look like ducks or have other designs. You can easily incorporate your non-skid mat into your bathroom decorations if you like.

Other recommendations include grab bars, a shower seat or bench that’s built to avoid slippage, and a handheld or adjustable height shower head. As usual, it’s also advised that you water heater be set to no higher than 120 degrees to avoid scalding. If you’ve already implemented one or more of these safety recommendations, it’s worth considering a walk-in shower.


When is the best time to invest in a walk-in shower or tub? Ideally, it should be before you really need it. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to consider everyone in the household who may have difficulty with their mobility, range of motion, or balance. Think about how many years you plan to remain in the home and how well you’re able to handle routine tasks or chores around the house. Even if the difficulty is minimal, it could easily become more challenging over time. Having a walk-in shower already in place before it becomes essential is a smart idea.

You may be thinking that a walk-in shower is incredibly expensive or hard to install. Luckily, technology has come a long way over the years. Today, walk-in showers and tubs are easier to install, more affordable, and some even made in the USA. Funding options and payment plans are available.

Woman in Robe Checking Water Temperature

Changing Needs

At some point in time, life will throw you a curveball. Both resident and non-resident family members may need additional assistance or accommodations to help compensate for limited mobility or difficulties with their balance. Sometimes this is due to an accident, surgery, or simply the result of advanced age. Most homeowners make these adjustments over a period of time.

Of course, you aren’t always given a warning. Your lifestyle and daily needs can change over the years or in the blink of an eye. If you’re able to anticipate these issues, it makes it much easier to make alterations to your home and bathroom as necessary. It’s worth remembering that most household falls occur in the bathroom, and it’s one of the rooms where people are most likely to experience an accident. Bathroom safety should definitely be a priority, especially if you’ve experienced a fall before or you know that it’s a risk.

Walk-in tubs and showers can be fantastically beneficial. Contact Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company at (800) 346-6616 if you have any questions or would like to learn more about their products.