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The Advantages of Barrier-Free Bathtubs

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Mobility is the most common disability for U.S. citizens over the age of 65. Whether lack of mobility is due to paralysis, arthritis, or because of the effects of old age, it can be crippling. Many senior citizens find it difficult to complete day-to-day tasks that were once simple. Fixing meals, cleaning, and even bathing become infinitely more dangerous and complicated as mobility decreases. For this reason, barrier-free bathtubs are becoming increasingly important. With so many benefits surrounding a walk-in bath, it’s the perfect solution for any aging senior.

More Independence

The signs of aging can leave people feeling helpless. Asking for help is the last thing seniors want to do, especially when it comes to bathing. If a traditional bathtub remains in the home, seniors may require the assistance of others to get in and out. A barrier-free tub allows seniors to enter and exit on their own. It maintains their independence and keeps them from having to rely on others in order to remain self-sufficient.  Walk-in tubs allow seniors to stay in their home environment for longer and enjoy their independent lifestyle.


It’s estimated that one in four seniors will fall each year. In some cases, these falls can be debilitating and even deadly. Preventing these falls is a matter of installing the proper safety devices. A walk-in bathtub is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of a fall in the bathroom. These barrier-free tubs allow seniors to open a door, walk in to the tub, without having to step over the edge. By eliminating the missteps that often occur stepping into a tub, seniors can safely bathe without fear of falling. Plus, these tubs are often equipped with a bench or chair, making the time spent in the shower even safer. Whether bathing or showering, there’s no safer way to rinse off.


After all the time spent working and raising children, seniors deserve some time to relax and enjoy the golden years. A barrier-free tub provides a safe and comfortable way to relax. Without the worry of falling, it’s now possible for seniors to turn their bathroom into that spa-like environment that they deserve. It’s a comfortable option that allows the elderly to remain at home while still getting the rest that they deserve.


It’s estimated that at least 80 percent of aging seniors have at least one chronic condition. 62 percent have two or more chronic conditions. Whether the condition causes aches and pains or fatigue, soaking in a bath can help. Barrier-free bathtubs make it easy for seniors to get the therapeutic relief that they need. With customizable options, it’s easy to create the experience needed in order to relieve some of the symptoms they may be experiencing. From benches to jets, the perfect tub is available to provide relief.

A walk-in bathtub is the perfect solution for every senior. It provides a safe, relaxing solution for any home. The Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company specializes in the customization and installation of walk-in tubs. Made in the USA, each product is designed to reduce the risk of falls while still providing the relaxing effects of a deep soaker tub.

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