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Revisiting Crestview Manor

In 2012, Safe Step provided two of its state-of-the-art tubs to Crestview Manor in Crestview, Florida when it found out that the bathing conditions were less than ideal. Safe Step also promised the facility "Toilet Paper for Life" when it found out the residents were playing Bingo for toilet paper. Safe Step Cares prides itself on being a partner with its recipients rather than doing a public relations fly-by of a donation only. Safe Step Cares stays in touch with every person or facility that has received its tubs. In that, spirit, on a trip to donate a tub and shower to Crestview's sister facility Twin Cities Pavilion in Niceville, Florida. Safe Step founder Mike Duffer treated the residents to a pizza dinner while hearing first-hand how Safe Step Cares had changed so many lives.

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LaWanda Pryor

She fell in love with the tub, even making a down payment. Via financial hardship, Ms. Pryor was unable to afford the tub. Safe Step received a letter from Ms. Pryor’s daughter, Amanda Pryor, which told the story of the hard-luck Ms. Pryor has gone through Her husband passed away from cancer, and her daughter took her own life two weeks after her husband’s death. Pryor was taking sink bathes or using baby wipes because she is unable to bathe safely. The letter from the daughter did not ask for a handout; it simply thanked Safe Step for its professionalism, even as it explained the tub was out of her financial reach. It asked for mercy, not a tub. The letter landed on the desk of Mike Duffer, Safe Step’s Founder and President, who immediately declared Ms. Pryor a recipient of Safe Step Cares. “We heard she loved our tub, wanted to buy our tub but through a series of financial and other hardships, she was unable to afford it,” said Mike Duffer, president and founder of Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co. who made his dying mother a promise that if his company experienced success, he would give back to those less fortunate. “To be candid, we felt Ms. Pryor needed a break. It’s tough to lose the ability to bathe safely so we are going to change her life with a tub through Safe Step Cares while giving her the independence, dignity, and safety she deserves.”

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Barbara Turner

The program began in the year 2013 and to date has donated numerous bathtubs across Canada and USA. Barbara is unable to remain independent in her home without a walk-in tub and unfortunately due to a recent financial setback, she doesn’t have the resources to purchase one. Barbara moved from Vancouver Island to Chilliwack and now resides in a mobile home park. A walk-in bathtub will greatly improve her quality of life, allowing her to be independent and safe at home. Born in 1920, Barbara is an example of determination and hard work. She lived in England until after the war when she decided, with her husband, to return to Canada and settle in Saskatchewan. After her marriage broke up, she worked very hard to raise her three daughters and she fondly remembers the time at home with her nine grandchildren. Currently, Barbara has a sharp mind and enjoys working in her garden. For additional information on the Safe Step Cares program in Canada and its recipients, please contact Hernan Urtubey at marketing@safesteptubs.com or 1-855.664-4364 x 279 About Canadian Safe Step Walk-In Tubs: Safe-Step Walk-In Tub Company is committed to empowering North America’s senior citizens, as well as those individuals suffering from the effects of disability and mobility impairment. The company offers domestically produced walk-in bathtubs and walk-in showers tailored to people who seek a therapeutic and high-quality bathing experience.

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Revisiting Brookwood Community

In 2014, Safe Step Cares received a video submission for a tub for its residents. Safe Step decided to give them three. The donation days, captured in Brookwood and Brookwood Part 2 on this site, are always special. But what is perhaps more special is when Safe Step revisits our recipients a few months later to see how much the tubs have changed their lives. We took our film crew to speak with the folks there and the video shows the impact of the program.

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