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Walk-In Tub Misconceptions

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For seniors with limited mobility, bathing can often transform from a relaxing, necessary practice to a risky, fearsome burden. Walk-in tubs provide a unique solution to this problem, potentially making bathing safe and accessible once again. Unfortunately, there are many walk-in tub misconceptions. These can sometimes cloud the judgement of those in need a better bathing solution and prevent them from seeing the many benefits of walk-in tubs.

Door Leaks

One of the biggest walk-in tub misconceptions centers on what differentiates them from most standard tubs—the door! Some worry that the door will leak, causing damages to their home and making a mess in their bathroom. However, walk-in tub doors are designed to create a water-tight seal, preventing pesky leaks. Additionally, some walk-in tub brands offer warranties or guarantees, meaning they will be happy to come make repairs in the case of a door leak.

Difficulty Cleaning

Cleaning a walk-in tub is simple! Though they often come with extra features, maintenance is no more difficult than with a standard tub. So long as you use the correct products and follow cleaning instructions per the tub’s owner manual, cleaning a walk-in tub can be a breeze!

Limited Style Options

Lack of variety when it comes to choosing the perfect walk-in tub for your bathroom is a nonissue! They are available in many sizes and styles, each with its own unique features. Finding a walk-in tub to fit your space and plumbing setup is simple. Note that knowing the dimensions of your current space can be helpful in choosing the right walk-in tub for your home.

Long Fill and Drain Times

Another walk-in tub misconception is that they take too long to fill and drain. However, some walk-in tubs are equipped with features to ensure they fill and drain in a jiffy! For example, Safe Step Walk-In Tubs come standard with a Rapid Fill Faucet and a Quantum Quick Drain System. These features, paired with a Heated Seat and Backrest, ensure you stay comfortably warm while the tub fills and drains quickly. The specific length of time it takes for a walk-in tub to fill and drain varies and is dependent on factors such as tub size and water pressure.

Expensive Costs

While walk-in tubs can potentially come with a higher up-front cost, they should be considered an investment. With unique safety, convenience, and therapeutic features, walk-in tubs are tools that benefit users for many years. They may even help seniors age in place in the home they love and, potentially, help avoid taking on the costs of assisted living or in-home care.

If you or a loved one plans on aging in place at home, consider installing a walk-in tub to help lower the risk of falling in the bathroom. To learn more about how a Safe Step Walk-In Tub can help, give us a call today at 1-800-346-6616.