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Professional Tub Installation Vs. Self-Installation

workers taking the walk-in tub out of the box truck

Many home improvement projects begin with the question: “Can I do this myself?” When replacing your current tub with a new walk-in bath, you might be tempted to cut corners and attempt an install yourself, especially if you think you or your loved one could be bathing safely sooner without waiting on a professional team. However, given the many plumbing, electrical and spacial considerations an install requires, installing a walk-in bath yourself may just mean further repairs down the road. Let’s break down why you should leave walk-in tub installation to the experts. 

How Hard is It to Install a Walk-In Tub? 

Walk-in tub with the wide door open

Some home improvement projects, like painting your walls or installing crown molding, only require basic knowledge and can be completed with the help of a video tutorial. However, other projects require either specialized knowledge or skill sets that the average homeowner, even a particularly handy one, doesn’t possess. Most walk-in tubs, including Safe Step tubs, require expertise in accessing (and potentially replacing) a water heater, plumbing, electrical work and, in some cases, even bathroom tiling to install safely and correctly. Without the expertise to handle all these separate projects, the process can become quite lengthy and lead to problems that further draw out your install. You may even have to call in additional experts when problems arise. 

Why Professional Installation is the Better Option

Installing a walk-in tub requires specialized knowledge and a commitment to safety protocol that DIY-friendly tasks don’t touch. Plus, a professional team of installers can easily handle any concerns that may arise during your initial assessment or on installation day. You can trust that your walk-in tub will be installed correctly the first time, preventing any long-term surprises like leaks or incorrectly installed parts to contend with later on. Let’s break down why you should leave walk-in bath installation to the pros in more detail. 

Installers Have Years of Experience and Expertise

Safe Step installer working on the walk-in tub

Trained professional installers can walk you through what to expect during the installation process. Plus, they’re used to working in tight, often crowded bathrooms and can easily handle any concerns that may arise during your initial assessment or on installation day. That amount of expertise makes a huge difference when installing a complex product like a walk-in bath—because when it comes to a product that supports your safety, only the best will do. 

Initial Assessment & Configuration Prevents Roadblocks

Professionals will come in prior to installation to inspect your space and address, repair or replace necessary components for the walk-in bath, like replacing your water heater or addressing the subfloor rot from an unknown leak. This helps installation proceed smoothly, helping you or your loved one get safer, independent bathing sooner. They can also make recommendations and the most safety-conscious setup.

Removing Your Old Tub Can Be Difficult

Before the walk-in tub is ever installed, you’ll first need to remove your old tub. Depending on its age and condition, this may prove a tricky task for anyone without past experience. It may expose further problems that need to be addressed immediately before proceeding with installation, like a leak in the plumbing fixtures behind the old tub. Removing the tub is also a physically strenuous task, and shouldn’t be done alone. Professional installers can remove your old tub quickly and carefully, and then work to resolve any underlying problems. 

Trained Installers Follow Safety & Code Compliance

workers installing the walk-in tub

With trained experts, you can trust your walk-in bath will be up to code, with individual features working as intended. That simply isn’t true without the pros, who follow safety procedures and make decisions based on what’s best for your home. For example, Safe Step’s installers are trained to keep any other fixtures, floors and walls in your home safe during the process and dispose of any leftover materials before we install your new tub. We also always perform a final assessment once installation is complete to make sure your bathroom is ready for you or your loved one. 

Will Self-Installation Save Money?

Basic DIY tasks can be great for your wallet when you have time and elbow grease available. However, for household necessities that involve your home’s plumbing or electrical systems, it’s always best to go with the pros. Self-installing a walk-in bathtub presents too many risks for mistakes, adding time, logistical headaches and future repair costs to your bottom line. As an added incentive, when you choose a Safe Step walk-in bath, installation is always included in your custom quote. We want to make sure your tub will serve you well through the years, and our trained experts will ensure your tub is installed correctly and quickly. 

Trust Safe Step with Your Walk-In Bath Install

Safe Step understands wanting a cost-effective, secure way to bathe comfortably at home. It’s why we implemented our lowest price guarantee—so households like yours could enjoy the benefits and peace of mind of a walk-in tub. We work with you to ensure your tub is just right for your bathroom. Our installation team is committed to making your experience as pleasant as possible, with installation taking as little as one day. We do our best to provide minimal disruption to your daily routine so you can get back to normal as soon as possible. Learn more about our installation process and get your free quote on a safe bathing solution today!

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