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Bathroom Design Tips for the Ages

Modern Walk-in Bathtub Designs

If you’re older, you know that the bathroom can be dangerous. That is why it is so important to redesign your bathroom to ensure that you are safe and secure, and that you have an easier time using your own bathroom. Now, there are great, innovative bathroom designs to aid the elderly in their daily routines.

If you are ready to redesign your bathroom to make your life safer and easier, check out these five tips to help you get started.

1. Get the Right Lighting

Beautiful bathrooms have a great mixture of natural light and warm, soft lighting from fixtures. Additionally, the lighting in your bathroom can help you if you’re elderly and have poor eyesight. Slips don’t just happen inside of the tub or shower. They can happen on any wet surface, and your bathroom floor isn’t an exception. Choosing the best lighting for your bathroom will help you have a better experience while you’re in there. For example, if you love taking baths, you know may find that having a glazed window near your bathtub will give you both natural light and privacy while you relax on the weekends. Additionally, finding beautiful light fixtures that give your bathroom ambiance will help you enjoy your prep time in the mornings.

2. Bathtub-Shower Combo

While some people like showers, other people prefer bathtubs, that is why it can be difficult to decide which one to install in your dream bathroom. However, if you have trouble getting in and out of the tub, you may find that a bathtub-shower combo will help you in your time of need. There are a lot of great bathtub-shower combos specially designed for the elderly, including Safe Step’s walk-in tub and shower combo. Models like this offer you support that you need within the space that you have.

3. Change the Floors

If the floors in your current bathroom are drab and boring, you should really consider changing things up a bit. Changing the floors in your bathroom can give the entire room a whole new look and feel. Additionally, the material that your bathroom floors are made of can make it a safer place. Make sure you choose materials that have texture to reduce your chances of slipping. Adding throw rugs or absorbent shower mats to these floors is a great way to keep you safe as well.

4. New Water Fixtures

The water fixtures you choose for your bathroom can add elegance and class to the room, as well as personality. Additionally, you can find a lot of great water fixtures that have large print and easy-to-use knobs that can help you if you have failing eyesight or arthritis. There are some great, modern water fixtures available at your local hardware stores that can really change the way you experience your bathroom. These water fixtures include infinity spouts and different elegant fixtures. Do your research and find the best water fixture for your home that will help you enhance your bathroom time.

5. New Countertops

Just like changing the floors in your bathroom can protect you, you may find that changing your countertops can help as well. If you plan on changing your countertops, know that high-contrast countertops can help you see items that you’re looking for and potentially dangerous wet areas. This is especially important if you use the countertops in your bathroom for leverage when you stand.

If you are ready to renovate your bathroom, be sure to consider all the different things that you can do to make it safer and easier for you to complete your daily routine, including contacting Safe Step to help you decide on the perfect bathtub-shower combo.