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Safety Features

Safe, independent bathing is possible again with tub features designed to provide stability and peace of mind.

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Enjoy Safer Bathing With Every Soak

Discover how our safety features help you bathe on your terms, without the risk of a slip or fall.

walk-in tub shower combo

We Built Your Tub to Ensure Your Safety

Every Safe Step walk-in tub comes standard with features that make it easy to control and customize your bathing experience.

Ultra-Low Threshold

Enter and exit your tub easily, without leg strain or the risk of a fall.

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Built-In Door

Eliminate the hazards of navigating a tight space with an extra-wide tub door.

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Anti-Slip Floor and Seat

Minimize the slipperiness of your tub’s surfaces with added traction.

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Built-In Grab Bars

Stand up and sit down in your tub with the support of two sturdy grab bars.

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Anti-Scald Technology

Protect sensitive or aging skin with water that stays comfortably warm.

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Sanitary Gel Coat

Prevent the growth of harmful mold and bacteria on your bathtub’s surfaces.

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Safe Bathing Makes a Difference

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Betty S. | Tennessee
It was hard for me to get out of my old tub. It’s so much easier with my Safe Step tub!