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Anti-Scald Technology

Built-in anti-scald technology keeps your bath water safe and comfortable, protecting your skin from burns.

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Relax Into Your Bath Without Worry

With anti-scald technology, you can trust your bath will be the right temperature for total relaxation.

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Bathe Without Burns

Anti-scald technology prevents water from reaching dangerous temperatures.

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Improve Your Circulation

Warm water boosts blood circulation, easing aches and increasing mobility.

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Savor Symptom Relief

A daily warm bath naturally relieves muscle or joint pain and inflammation.

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Soothe Your Mind and Body

There’s nothing more relaxing than a bath with comfortably warm water.

Designed for Your Comfort and Safety

Each part of our anti-scald technology comes together to keep too-hot water out of your faucet, creating a safer bathing experience.

Anti-Scald Valve

The anti-scald valve in our faucets ensures any water you pour into your tub is pleasantly warm and safe for your skin.

Hot Water Sensor

Our sensors pick up when water reaches scalding temperatures, cooling any too-hot water before it enters your tub.

Temperature Regulation

You can trust your tub’s temperature will soothe, not scald, with our simple yet effective setup.

Your Anti-Scald Technology Questions, Answered

Our anti-scald technology is installed with all other features in your walk-in bath, and cannot be adjusted without professional assistance.

This features a safety stop that prevents water temperature from exceeding 102°F. Any temperature over 115° Fahrenheit can lead to burns on the skin if exposed for too long. Even temperatures as low as 105° Fahrenheit can scald sensitive skin. The ideal bath temperature is between 90 – 105° Fahrenheit.

Safe Step’s anti-scald technology is comprised of a valve in our faucets and hot water sensors in the temperature regulation system. Combined, they keep your water at a warm, but not overly hot, temperature.

Select your desired water temperature by turning the valve until the water reaches your preferred comfort level. To reach water temperatures above 102°F, the spring loaded handle must be depressed while turning it to the desired temperature. (Note: Bathing in water temperatures above 104°F should only be attempted after consulting with your physician.)

Anti-scald technology is not required in your tub, but it comes standard in every Safe Step walk-in bath. We want to make sure you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy a stress-free bath, and ensuring no surprises occur with too-hot water is just one way we anticipate your safety.

No, anti-scald technology controls the temperature of the tub. However, the sanitary gel coat in our walk-in baths ensures no bacteria or mold can get to the tub base below. This makes cleanup after your bath simple.

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Trust the Safe Step Difference

For over 15 years, designing safe bathing solutions to help bathers like you has been our calling. Learn more about why we’re proud to offer industry-leading walk-in tubs and showers at affordable prices.

Custom Pricing to Fit Your Needs

Our bathing products are an investment in your safety—and your future. We offer custom pricing and our lowest price guarantee to help you get the bath or shower you need without breaking the bank.

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