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No-Strength Locking Handle

Our no-strength locking handle seals your tub securely without requiring additional strain or stress.

no-strength locking handle
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Strength Where You Need It Most

Minimize strain with a locking handle designed to be gentle on aching joints, yet strong enough to hold water in place.

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Turn the Handle Easily

Locking and unlocking the tub door with the handle is simple, even with aches and pains.

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Reduce Slips and Falls

Keeping water where it should be means fewer slippery surfaces to worry about.

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Trust in Airtight Strength

The door and locking handle are designed to lock securely, preventing leaks or spills.

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Bathe With Dignity

Our easy-to-use handle means you won’t need to rely on someone else to seal the tub.

Designed for Independent, Safe Bathing

Once you’re seated in the bath, you should be able to fully relax. Our locking handle eases your mind from the start.

Minimize Strain

The no-strength locking handle is designed to require little effort for ease of use with joint aches and pains.

Airtight Seal

The airtight seal prevents any water from leaking out of your bath, giving you peace of mind for an easy cleanup.

Ideal Placement

Once you’re ready to get out, pull the handle to swing the door open inside your tub without crowding your bathroom.

Your No-Strength Locking Handle Questions, Answered

No. With our airtight locking handle, your water will remain inside the tub with you. For your peace of mind, our installers are experts who take care to install every aspect of your tub with plenty of attention to detail.

Yes, our locking handle is specifically designed to accommodate those with muscle or joint pain or limited mobility. It does not require much physical effort to lock or unlock.

Yes. You should lock the handle before you turn on the rapid-fill faucet and only unlock the handle once the last of the water is drained from the bath.

The no-strength locking handle is designed to be easy to operate. So whether you need to lock or unlock your door, it should require next to no strength to do so.

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Trust the Safe Step Difference

Our innovation and expertise in safer bathing solutions have driven us to continually raise the bar on what our customers can expect. We’re proud to offer accessible, luxurious walk-in baths and showers that prioritize at-home independent bathing.

Custom Pricing to Fit Your Needs

We offer custom pricing that helps our customers obtain the bathing solutions they need without going outside their budgets. With that and our lowest price guarantee, your price is unique to your home, ensuring that you’re getting your money’s worth.

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