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Diffuse essential oils throughout your tub to melt your tension as you settle into your warm bath.

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Enhance Your Bath With Calming Scents

Make the most of your “me time” with aromatherapy that aids your sleep, relieves stress and reduces aches and pains.

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Calm Your Mind

Use lavender, rose or bergamot oils to unwind at the end of the day.

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Ease Nerves and Tension

Add sandalwood or jasmine oils to address tense muscles or anxiety.

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Relax Sore Muscles

Anti-inflammatory oils like eucalyptus and chamomile address soreness.

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Sleep More Soundly

Warm baths aid melatonin production, and oils like vetiver help it along.

Designed to Soothe and Support

Diffusing essential oils as part of your bathing routine brings spa-like luxury to the comfort of your own home.

Choose Your Oils

Select the oil that will most benefit you as you bathe, whether you’re seeking quality sleep, pain relief or stress release.

Fill Your Diffuser

A convenient access point for your oil is located on the lip of the tub, letting you pour the oil easily.

Disperse the Oils

Once your oil is poured and ready to diffuse, step carefully into the tub and enjoy the oils in your bath water.

Your Aromatherapy Questions, Answered

No, we do not recommend doing this. Essential oil poured directly into your tub is so concentrated that it may irritate your skin. Your Safe Step walk-in tub disperses your essential oils through the MicroSoothe® air therapy system, diluting the oils for safe usage.

Essential oils applied directly to the bath or to your skin may irritate your skin. We do not recommend that. With our MicroSoothe® air therapy system’s built-in diffuser, the essential oils disperse safely, letting you enjoy the benefits without harm.

Six to twelve drops should be sufficient to help you unwind during your bathing routine.

What works best for you will be a personal choice. Are you using essential oils to relax, to invigorate or to soothe aches and pains? For a good all-around choice with multiple benefits, we recommend using lavender essential oil.

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Trust the Safe Step Difference

Your well-being matters to us. It’s what drives us to continue creating safe bathing solutions tailored to your needs and comfort. Learn more about the commitment and care we put into designing safe, comfortable walk-in baths and showers.

Custom Pricing to Fit Your Needs

To bring walk-in baths and showers into more homes, we use custom pricing based around your unique home. Our lowest price guarantee ensures your investment in your safety and future won’t break the bank.

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