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Safe Bathing For All

Safe, independent bathing is possible again—no matter your routine.

girl kissing her grandmother on the cheek

Bathe Your Way With Safe Step

Our walk-in baths and showers make it easy to bathe on your terms, regardless of your age or range of mobility.

elderly couple drinking coffee

Age in the comfort of your own home with a bath that keeps you safe, every time you soak.

Reclaim your bathing independence with a tub designed for total convenience and accessibility.

Veteran with his two grandsons
woman walking with and elderly woman with a walker

Experience peace of mind with a bathing option that keeps your loved ones safe and secure.

Learn how to use our walk-in tubs or showers to support the independence of bathers in your care.

caregiver serving tee to an elderly man
woman in a wheelchair

Discover safe, accessible bath and shower features built for your range of motion and ease of use.

We Specialize in Your Safety

There’s a reason we’re North America’s #1 selling walk-in tub. This isn’t a sideline for us. We make every walk-in tub with our industry-leading standards for safe bathing.