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Beautiful Bathroom Upgrades for the Ages

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Beautiful Bathroom Upgrades for the Ages

According to Consumer Reports, nearly 235,000 people visit the emergency room every year due to slip and fall injuries in the bathroom. Despite this, most people want to stay in their homes as long as possible, and this desire only increases the older people get. However, if your 90-year-old grandmother hasn’t updated the home in a while, the bathroom may be stuck in the 80s or an earlier bygone era. Help create a classic and timeless look while keeping your loved ones safe in the slippery bathroom with a walk-in tub with shower enclosure or any of these other simple bathroom renovations.

Update the Lighting

Imagine walking into the bathroom late at night and not being able to see due to dim lighting. If you’re thinking that you’d be more likely to fall in such a circumstance, you’d be right. One of the first things you can do to make sure your bathroom is both safe and looks updated is to replace the lighting with new more efficient bulbs. This will help your bathroom be brighter and easier to navigate while giving it a fresh updated look.

Put down Nonslip Floors

As you likely already know, having slick tile in your bathroom may look great but is a primary cause of slip and fall accidents. Luckily, the tile industry has created a test that measures the slip resistance of various materials. For maximum slip resistance, look for floors that are rated at least 0.42 on this scale. If it’s still a concern of yours, then bear in mind that the smaller the tiles, the more skid proof the floor will be. Many contractors recommend putting in small tiles embedded in grout throughout the bathroom.


Upgrade the Shower and Bath

Installing a new walk-in shower and bath combo can be very helpful for the seniors in your life to get in and out of the shower without slipping and without having to step over the edge of the tub. These new bathroom upgrades will go a long way to keep the bathroom a safer place to be.

Keep Things within Reach

A tidy and well kempt bathroom is key to a safe experience but having things all behind cabinet doors may make it inconvenient for seniors. Instead consider having glass front doors on the cabinets and/or open shelving so contents are visible without opening the doors. Where you do have drawer pulls, replace them with easy close doors and D-shaped pulls so they can be grabbed easier.

Put in Another Sink

If someone in the home uses a wheelchair, or if you have seniors and children using the same bathroom in the house, putting in another sink can be one upgrade that can change your life. Children and people of all ages who use wheelchairs will appreciate being able to use a sink that’s at an appropriate level they can reach. Installing a mirrored medicine cabinet or better yet, a full-length mirror in the bathroom will be extremely helpful as well.

Upgrading the bathrooms of the senior loved ones in your life with a new bathtub and shower combo can help ensure they can remain home and be as independent as possible. Sometimes all it takes is a few minor renovations and upgrades in the bathroom to create a space that is both updated and safe.


Bathing should be a soothing experience, regardless of age or mobility challenges. When it comes to your daily routine, you should never have to choose between comfort, safety, and independence — and now, with Safe Step Walk-In Tubs and Walk-In Showers, you don’t have to.

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