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Creating a Perfect ‘Me Time’ with Walk-In Bathtubs

Self-care is important for everyone, no matter your age, gender, social status. Self-care can be as extravagant as taking a private vacation or spending an entire day at the spa. Or, it can be as simple as a long, hot bath. Unfortunately, for many senior citizens, limited mobility forces them to rely on the help of others to take a bath, robbing them of this simple “me” time they once enjoyed. If you’re looking to get that time back, keep reading to learn how walk-in bathtubs can help.

A Return to Independence

While a walk-in tub certainly won’t solve all of your mobility limitations, it can help you to get a bit of your independence back. Because these tubs are easy to step into and out of on your own, you no longer need to rely on someone else’s assistance to take a bath. Your “me” time is truly your own again.

A Comfortable Seat

It’s impossible to relax if you’re not comfortable. Many traditional tubs are simply impossible for those with mobility issues to relax in. They might struggle to maintain a somewhat reclined position or to sit up from that position again once they’ve achieved it, which can be a safety issue. Walk-in tubs have a comfortable built-in seat that allows you to sit upright while totally relaxing in the warm water. It’s safer, more secure, and more comfortable for enjoying a good book while getting a nice soak in.

Relaxing Features

Many walk-in tubs offer far more than accessibility. You’ll frequently find other features that can help upgrade your relaxing bath, including massaging jets and handheld showerhead attachments. The jets can provide a spa-like experience in your tub, which is absolutely perfect for when you want to treat yourself. And the handheld showerhead attachment makes it easy to give yourself a nice, relaxing rinse as the tub drains. Be sure to look for these extra features when you’re buying a walk-in tub.

Total Confidence

Last, but certainly not least, a walk-in tub can help you to feel completely safe and confident in your ability to tend to your own needs. It’s difficult to relax when you’re worried about climbing in and out of a high-edged tub on your own. Or, if you’re relying on someone else’s help to get in and out, you might feel the need to rush through your bath so that you don’t have to keep them waiting around to help you. Either way, these thoughts can make it difficult for you to really relax and unwind during your bath.

If you want to get your “me” time back–and your independence–consider purchasing one of the step-in bathtubs we offer here at the Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company. If you’d like to learn more about the different tubs we offer and their features, feel free to reach out to us at any time! We’re happy to help you select the best tub to fit your needs, and our expert installers can get your tub upgraded to a walk-in version in no time at all. Call now to speak to one of our experts!

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