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Features You Can Use to Complement Your Walk-In Bath Tub

In terms of accessibility, few features are compared to the walk-in tub. Walk-in tubs make it possible for those with more limited mobility to continue tending to their own hygiene needs without others’ assistance. They’re far safer than standard tubs and showers, making it possible for many senior citizens to stay in their homes for longer. And while a walk-in tub will undoubtedly make your bathroom more usable and accessible all on its own, the addition of a few extra features can improve its usability even further. Keep reading to learn more.

Safety Bars

For a small, simple, and inexpensive piece of equipment, the safety bar is an incredibly useful tool for accessibility. These come in many different models, sizes, and materials. When mounted to a wall near your walk-in tub, they can provide additional stability when you’re climbing in and out of the tub. Of course, the sides of a walk-in tub are high enough that you can often hold onto these for support if you need it. However, a safety bar perfectly complements your tub and provides added safety if you find yourself slipping or otherwise are unsteady on your feet.

Handheld Sprayer

Most walk-in tubs come pre-equipped with a handheld sprayer to do the washing and to rinse your hair more manageable. However, it is worth double-checking the model you’re looking at to ensure that this feature is included. Without it, you’ll have a hard time getting your head wet in the upright seat that’s built into your tub.

Shower Bench

While this isn’t a feature for your tub, it is something that you should still consider. If you tire easily or struggle with balance enough that you require the use of a walk-in tub, then standing for long periods in the shower likely isn’t an option for you either. If you have a separate shower stall in your bathroom, consider adding a shower bench to it. Providing a safe and comfortable seat for those times when you choose to shower instead of bathing. And don’t forget to add a safety bar both inside and outside the shower stall as well!

Mats or Floor Runners

One thing that makes the bathroom such a hazardous space for those with balance troubles is the prevalence of slippery floors. If you have tile or linoleum floors (as most bathrooms do), consider adding mats or carpeted floor runners in your bathroom, particularly next to your walk-in tub and shower. Not only will this prevent you from slipping, but you won’t have to worry about chilling your feet on cold tile floors in the winter!

If you have trouble getting in and out of the bath on your own, it may be time to consider replacing your standard tub with a walk-in tub. By adding this feature, and the other safety features mentioned above, you’ll be significantly improving the safety and accessibility of your bathroom. You’ll regain your independence while bathing and may be able to stay in your home for longer. Contact Safe Step Tub today to learn more or view our catalog of prefabricated walk-in tubs made right here in the USA.