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How Are Walk-In Bath Tubs Beneficial For Seniors?

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Walk in Bathtubs for Seniors

Approximately 80 percent of falls occur in the bathroom and oftentimes, they happen when entering or exiting the bathtub. Walk in bathtubs for seniors have proven to be one of the safest alternatives to assure their safety. Here’s how walk-in bathtubs are beneficial for seniors.

What Are Walk-In Bathtubs and How Do They Work?

Walk in bathtubs are equipped with doors that open up so that you do not have to step over the edge of a conventional bathtub. These are safer options for seniors and those who are disabled and can lower the risk of falling. The doors on the bathtubs are sealed so that the water remains in the tub and does not flood the floor. Usually, professional installation is needed for walk-in bathtubs.

The Benefits of Walk-In Bathtubs for the Elderly

You are able to shower easier with walk-in bathtubs and they are designed to prevent falling incidents. The bathtubs have doors that allow you to easily enter and exit. They are equipped with seats, handrails and other accessories to assist you with keeping your head above the water. There are a variety of bathtubs that have the feature of hydrotherapy which aids in relieving pain. There are also other therapeutic features such as light therapy, aromatherapy, soothing air therapy, and hydro-jet therapy. The anti-slip floors and seating allow you to have more balance and safeguard you from injuries while bathing.

Walk-In Bathtub Risks

You must be aware of some of the risks involved with a walk-in bathtub:

Walk-In Bathtubs Have High Walls:
The walls on a walk-in tub are high and the doorways are narrow. Under these circumstances, there’s a cause for concern if there is a medical episode or fall that occurs. It presents a challenge for family members or caregivers to get the door open to get you out of the tub for emergency assistance.

There Is a Long Waiting Period for Drainage of Water:
Due to the amount of time you have to wait for the tub to fill up and drain the water, it may be difficult for you to remain inside while wet and freezing after a shower.

Walk-In Bath Tubs

Things You Should Consider When Purchasing a Walk-In Bathtub

There are some features you may want to look for when you’re buying a walk-in bathtub.

You could pay anywhere from $2,500 up to $10,000 for a walk-in bathtub. The amount you pay depends on the features that are included.

Door Designs:
Make note of the door designs on the bathtubs. The size and shape can impact how easily you can enter the bathtub and can also impact how your room looks.

Portable Walk-In Bathtub:
You can also consider purchasing a portable model bathtub. This is another option if it’s not in your budget to pay the cost of a professional installation.

Walk-In Bathtub Alternatives

Bath Chair Lift:
If you’re a person who enjoys soaking in the bathtub, then a bath chair lift is a great option. A bath chair lift is a motorized bath chair that is put inside of your tub with a button affixed to it. When you push the button, the seat lowers you into the water and once you’re done with your bath, you can raise it back up.

Slide-In Style Bathtub: 
These are similar to the traditional style walk-in bathtubs. With the slide-in style bathtub, one side of the bath seat is attached to the door which allows you to simply back up and sit down.


Bathing should be a soothing experience, regardless of age or mobility challenges. When it comes to your daily routine, you should never have to choose between comfort, safety, and independence — and now, with Safe Step Walk-In Tubs and Walk-In Showers, you don’t have to.

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