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Reasons Why You Should Invest in Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Walk-in tubs have changed the dynamic for those who wish to age at home rather than moving into communities and facilities tailored towards the mobility impaired. They provide options for seniors who would rather stay in place and spend their golden years at home. There are many reasons that individuals choose to invest in step-in bathtubs, and most of those factors pertain to safety and convenience in one of the more dangerous rooms of the house.

But there are many more benefits seniors can realize by installing a walk-in tub in the home. While independence and convenience are key for those with restricted mobility, there are other advantages that walk-in tubs can offer. While it’s obvious that they can improve safety and accessibility, they also have features that can lead to overall better quality of life. Keep reading to learn more reasons why you should consider investing in a walk-in bathtub installation.

Additional Safety

It’s not hard to see how the bathroom could easily be considered the most dangerous room in the house for those with impaired mobility. It represents a perpetually damp environment with slick floors and surfaces with few steady handholds. Add into the equation the presence of bathmats, and the tripping hazards become even greater. Getting into the tub itself is a difficult and dangerous task. It requires a high step and excellent balance, two things that may not be possible for someone who deals with restricted mobility. A walk-in tub confronts many of these safety issues and can largely eliminate the associated dangers. For example, the low step-in threshold prevents users from balancing on one leg while entering or exiting the tub. Most walk-in tubs also feature grab bars that can be used to further steady the user. There’s additional traction in most walk-in tubs that can further reduce slip risks, and built-in seats can further enhance safety while in the tub.

Enhanced Stress Relief

Life can be stressful at times, no matter your age or level of mobility. Another fringe benefit of installing a walk-in tub is that many models have hydrotherapy features such as bubbles or water jets that can provide you with a relaxing escape from the trials of the day. It’s well documented that unchecked stress can erode your health, and a relaxing dip in your walk-in tub can help you fight off the anxiety that comes from stressful situations. A good soak in a therapeutic walk-in tub can help lower your blood pressure, still your mind, and soothe your muscles and joints.

Improved Pain Management

Many people deal with chronic pain, and there are few options for the effective management of pain that don’t involve some sort of pharmaceutical. Walk-in tubs have built-in seats that allow users to benefit from the positive impact of soaking in warm water without the dangerous and difficult task of lowering oneself into a tub. Many sources of pain respond positively to the healing effects of hot water and gentle massaging jets. Arthritis, past injuries, and general soreness can all be kept in check with a daily soak in the warm waters of a walk-in tub.

Added Convenience

Because of the stress and danger many seniors associated with the bathroom, some seniors engage in standard daily hygiene practices less frequently. However, because a walk-in tub can help alleviate those issues, it can help seniors enjoy daily hygiene with convenience. That will not only pay dividends in better self-esteem for seniors but will also reduce the incidence of skin infections and poor wound care.

Walk-in bathtubs can offer seniors with mobility impairment an excellent way of reclaiming safety and convenience in the bathroom environment. Investing in a walk-in tub makes perfect sense because it combines benefits such as improved safety, enhanced convenience, better pain management, and greater stress management into a single bathroom appliance. To learn more reasons that you should consider investing in a walk-in tub, contact Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company at (800) 346-6616.

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