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Walk-In Tub – Buying 101 to Ease Your Purchase

It’s typical with any large purchase to feel a little bit of anxiety over moving forward—mostly if you’ve never made this kind of investment before. You’ll probably wonder if you’re making the right choice, worry about whether or not you’ve found the best deal, and otherwise the second guess yourself. If you’re feeling this way about buying your first walk-in bath, you’re in luck: This blog will go over the basics of purchasing a walk-in tub so you can make your purchase with total confidence.

Familiarize Yourself with Standard Features

If you’ve never bought this type of tub before, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with a walk-in tub’s standard features. Here are some things that any tub worth buying should have:

  • Waterproof door (may open inwards or outwards, depending on your preferences)
  • Easy-to-reach shower wand
  • Comfortable upright seat
  • Quick fill and drain times (you must be in the tub when filling and draining, so you don’t want to be waiting all day!)
  • Low step height to enter the tub
  • Built-in safety bars

These features make a walk-in tub convenient and safe to use, and you don’t want to purchase any tub that doesn’t include all of them.

Ensure It’s Backed by a Warranty

A tub isn’t something that should wear out and breakdown after just a couple of years. This tub should last you a lifetime, provided you’re caring for it properly. You should ensure that the tub you’re buying is backed by a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor. This should include the faucets, the door seal, pumps, heaters, blowers, and of course, the tub itself. When your tub is backed with this kind of warranty, you’re naturally going to feel more confident in your purchase.

Check Reviews

The internet makes it incredibly easy to double-check the quality and reliability of any product. Be sure to check the reviews on any tub you’re considering buying. While there will always be a couple of negative reviews on any product, you should be looking for any consistent complaints. For example, if you see multiple people complain that the door doesn’t properly seal, it’s likely that the claim holds water—and that the tub doesn’t.

You should also pay attention to what customers say about the company’s customer service whenever a repair or other assistance is needed; you don’t want to buy from a company that isn’t going to back their products with excellent customer service. Knowing that you have someone to turn to if anything goes wrong will give you added peace of mind in your purchase.

Know What You Need

Finally, know what you need in a walk-in bathtub. Know the size of the space you have, whether you want the door to swing inwards or outwards, any added features you might wish to (massaging jets, anyone?), and so on. Be completely confident in what you need from your tub, and you can be delighted with the purchase you make.

If you’re looking for a walk-in bath at a price you can afford, contact Safe Step Tub today. Our walk-in tubs for seniors are made here in the USA, are backed by a lifetime warranty, and come with the lowest price guarantee. Contact us to learn more about our products.

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