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CJ DeGennaro

CJ DeGennaro is a 31-year-old with cerebral palsy, lives in Elwood City, Pennsylvania, and was nominated 110 times over the past 2 years to receive a life-changing walk-in tub. His father Steve lost CJ in a custody battle but retained him soon thereafter due to his special talents.

A single father, Steve has devoted his life to caring for his son but was unable to afford the one thing he needs: a walk-in tub. CJ’s grandmother used to take CJ to water therapy at a local facility but passed away and Steve works full-time so CJ is in the predicament of having to obtain a ride to water therapy. CJ received a surprise donation from Safe Step Walk-In Tub and was surrounded by friends and family.

The tub will eliminate the need to pay for a ride to water physical therapy. It is a therapeutic tub with water jets that will help CJ feel better, sleep better, be better. He was unanimously chosen by the company’s employees to receive the tub. Said one nominator: “CJ is the pride of Ellwood City. He knows the family who received the last donation and has privately shared his wish of having his own, which his father cannot afford. It will help him so much and he deserves a break.”

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Safe Step Cares is an initiative started by Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co. to benefit families and individuals in need of a walk-in tub.

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