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Walk-In Tub Benefits

At Safe Step, your safety and well-being are the driving forces behind every walk-in tub and shower we make.

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Grow Older in Your Own Home

Many seniors would prefer to grow older in the home they know and love. One of the best ways to prepare your home for aging in place is to install a walk-in tub in your bathroom. Your new tub will help you safely and comfortably care for yourself as you age, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind. The combination of safety, therapeutic and spa-like features makes maintaining your independence and dignity at home easier than ever.

Reclaim Your Independence

If you have poor balance and coordination due to limited mobility, the high threshold of a traditional bathtub can put a strain on your legs and even lead to slips and falls. A walk-in tub with a low step-in and built-in grab bars allows you to enjoy safe, comfortable bathing on your terms.

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Enjoy Safer Bathing

Your home is your oasis, and you should enjoy every bit of it safely and comfortably. This starts with feeling secure during your daily routine. With a walk-in tub, you can regain your bathing confidence with anti-slip surfaces, an extra-wide door and more built-in safety features.

Features Designed for Your Peace of Mind

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Low Step-In Entry

Step in and out of your bath easily, without reaching or straining.

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Anti-Slip Floor & Seat

Sit back, soak and rinse off without the risk of a slip or fall.

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Grab Bars

Enjoy secure movement with two convenient grab bars.

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Anti-Scald Technology

Keep your water comfortable and protect your skin from irritation or burns.

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Sanitary Gel Coat

Prevent bacteria and mold growth while making cleaning easy.

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Reclaim Your Bathing Routine With Safe Step
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Discover Therapeutic Relief and Health Benefits

Better Heart Health and Circulation

Soaking in warm water can lower your blood pressure and improve your heart’s health.

Joint Pain Relief

Certified by the Arthritis Foundation, your tub’s hydrotherapy and air jets help reduce joint swelling and pain.

Muscle Relaxation

Immersive hydrotherapy in your walk-in tub can loosen stiff muscles and reduce inflammation.

Improved Sleep Quality

Taking a soothing bath at night helps you fall asleep faster and get a better quality of sleep.

Relax With Spa-Like Features

Elevate your self-care routine with a walk-in tub that brings the spa home. Your worries and stress will melt away with immersive sensory experiences.

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MicroSoothe® Air Therapy

Restore and nourish your skin with tiny, air bubbles circulated through your tub.

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Chromotherapy Lights

Soothe your mind, body and soul with calming mood lights.

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aromatherapy system

Aromatherapy System

Diffuse relaxing essential oils to unwind and recharge during your bath.

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Financial Investment

Your Safe Step walk-in tub is an investment in your safety and comfort. Installing one can help you save on yearly, long-term care costs while allowing you to live independently and gracefully at home. Plus, Safe Step’s lowest price guarantee helps make your new walk-in bath an affordable purchase. Explore how we determine the price of your walk-in tub.

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Clean Your Walk-In Tub With Ease

Keeping your Safe Step walk-in tub sparkling is remarkably simple—no professional cleaner needed! All it takes is a quick wipe-down after each use to prevent the build-up of mold and soap deposits.

Caring for Your Tub
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Increase Your Home Value

Wondering if a walk-in tub devalues your home? Many home experts actually recommend that you have at least one tub in your home. This makes a walk-in tub a smart investment for both resale value and future accessibility.

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Trust the Safe Step Difference

When you choose a Safe Step walk-in tub or shower, you’re investing in a top-quality product designed to enhance your daily life. Not only is your tub built to last, but it’s also backed by our best-in-class lifetime warranty.

What Safe Step Customers Are Saying

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Lois W. | North Carolina
I love my Safe Step tub! My only regret is that I didn’t purchase it 10 years ago.

Want More to Love About Your New Walk-In Tub?

Find answers to your walk-in tub questions and learn more about the benefits your new tub provides.

Yes, walk-in tubs help seniors age gracefully, independently and safely in the home they love. The ultra-low step-in and built-in grab bars help prevent slips and falls, while the jets and aromatherapy system soothe your pains from arthritis and other conditions.

Yes, Safe Step walk-in tubs feature anti-scald technology that keeps your bath water at a comfortable temperature while also preventing the water from burning your skin. To stay warm from start to finish, you can enjoy soothing heat on your tub’s seat and back with our built-in seat heater. Control the heat level from the easily-accessible keypad for extra convenience.

No, your Safe Step door is airtight and leak-proof, so you don’t have to worry about water outside your tub. Additionally, the no-strength locking handle allows people with limited mobility or those who have arthritis to open the door with minimal effort.

A walk-in tub doesn’t negatively impact resale value. In fact, it’s likely to be considered a positive feature, especially in a neighborhood with a high percentage of older individuals. Even buyers who aren’t currently facing mobility issues often appreciate the convenience offered by this type of tub.

The choice between a walk-in tub and a walk-in shower depends on your personal preferences, unique needs and available bathroom space. If you can’t live without either, a walk-in tub and shower combo blends the best of both options, especially if you need to save space. Safe Step offers the Hybrid™ Tub that allows you to enjoy the safety of a walk-in bath with the convenience of a shower, giving you greater control over your bathing routine.

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