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Brookwood Community – The Delivery

The Brookwood community houses 110 citizens who are functionally disabled and has 80 others in its daycare program. The community put together a video request for a state-of-the-art therapeutic tub from Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co., via its national program of giving, Safe Step Cares. This is the original video Brookwood submitted:

Safe Step Cares was founded on a promise the owner Mike Duffer made to his mother: If Safe Step experiences success, his company would give back to the communities in which it does business. The company evaluates submissions, letters, and requests and carefully selects those in need, and simply shows up with a tub of love,  or sometimes, more than one. What makes the Brookwood story so special, in addition to its deserving residents, is the video is submitted. In short, it blew Safe Step away. The owner, Mike Duffer, said, “let’s give them more than they asked for.” Safe Step Cares surprised them with three tubs.