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Kenzie Lutrell

As Mike Duffer accurately says, Safe Step is in the business of helping people. He also says Safe Step Cares isn’t about giving away tubs, it’s about changing lives. In addition to the 30+ tubs donated, Safe Step Cares has also helped people in other ways. The program helped Christina Davidson start her foundation, which is dedicated to helping those with Cystic Fibrosis. The donation was featured on the national TV show The Doctors, twice.

And last year, Mike decided to help Kenzie Luttrell, a teenager with Friedreich’s Ataxia, through the Make-A-Wish organization. Teenage girls don’t dream about tubs; they dream about cruises. So, Safe Step funded an Alaskan Cruise for Kenzie and her family. Safe Step Cares has rewarded four other young girls with the same disease, a neuromuscular disorder that weakens the joints and muscles. The company stays in touch with all of our recipients and all of them love their tub and are collectively convinced that it has helped them in their journey with this unforgiving disease.

But back to Kenzie, who may receive a tub one day through the Safe Step Cares program; but for now, Mike just decided to make the girl’s dream come true. In true Safe Step form, we didn’t just cut a check. We welcomed her and her family into ours. We invited them and the good folks from Make-A-Wish to our Safe Step headquarters to hear about her cruise and how the cruise brought their family together and exceeded Kenzie’s expectations.

Enjoy the recap of that get-together, which ironically happened on Mike’s birthday. He said it was the greatest gift ever to see what granting the wish had done.