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Revisiting Crestview Manor

In 2012, Safe Step provided two of its state-of-the-art tubs to Crestview Manor in Crestview, Florida when it found out that the bathing conditions were less than ideal.

Safe Step also promised the facility “Toilet Paper for Life” when it found out the residents were playing Bingo for toilet paper. Safe Step Cares prides itself on being a partner with its recipients rather than doing a public relations fly-by of a donation only. Safe Step Cares stays in touch with every person or facility that has received its tubs. In that, spirit, on a trip to donate a tub and shower to Crestview’s sister facility Twin Cities Pavilion in Niceville, Florida. Safe Step founder Mike Duffer treated the residents to a pizza dinner while hearing first-hand how Safe Step Cares had changed so many lives.