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10 Most Breathtaking Walk-In Shower Designs

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There’s nothing that is as relaxing and refreshing as a shower. However, as we get older, some showers can become difficult to manage. If you have a traditional tub-shower combo, for instance, you probably have to navigate stepping over an enormous wall just to enter. If you’re older or if you have mobility issues, not only can this be a difficult maneuver, it also can be very dangerous. If this is the case, then you should install a new walk-in  shower as soon as you can. Not only will it make your life much easier—and provide some added independence you may have been missing—but they’re now available in some beautiful new designs.

1.   Ultramodern

If you’re worried that a modern bathroom will quickly become dated, don’t be. A walk-in shower that makes the most of cool, simple angles, contemporary materials, and classic minimalist style will never go out of style.

2. Natural Touches

Outdoor showers have a luxurious feel you can’t get anywhere else. If you don’t have the space or means for an outdoor shower, today’s designers can create an atmosphere to resemble the outdoor experience. An all-glass enclosure with plenty of light and some indoor greenery is the best way to get back to nature.

3. Warm and Inviting

Some homeowners prefer something a little less modern for their walk-in shower. Lighter, softer colors can create a relaxing ambience, and the use of wood cabinetry can help soften an environment that can appear too antiseptic.

4. Offbeat Stylings

Bathrooms don’t have to all look alike. Adding accents such as quirky light fixtures, mirrors or fun works of art can add a playful look to your shower.

5. Go Big

If you have the space, go for an oversized shower. Further complement the wide-open feel by decorating in a minimalist style so it’s like you’re showering in your own loft.

6. Matching Wallpaper and Marble

A lot of designers are moving away from sterile white walls and marble. By matching graphic art-themed wallpaper with colored marble shower tiles, clever designers are able to meld the two elements together so that your entire bathroom becomes a single work of art.

7. Mint

One of the most popular colors for bathrooms in recent years, mint has a soothing effect that looks luxurious whether you’re taking a shower or just finding a moment to freshen up.

8. Marble Slabs

Few materials have the classic elegance of marble. Rather than marble tiles, many designers are taking advantage of marble’s unique characteristics by using an entire slab as a shower wall.

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9. Oddly Shaped Tile

Who said all bathroom tile has to be rectangular? Nobody! Reacting to the oppressiveness of the square tile, designers are using uniquely shaped tiles, such as hexagons, to bring individuality to their walk-in showers.

10. Pop Art

It’s becoming increasingly common for designers to build their bathrooms as playful extension of works of art. Fond of Warhol or Lichtenstein? You can have your bathroom and walk-in shower fashioned to match your favorite print.

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