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4 Ways to Give Your Hybrid™ Walk-In Tub a Fresh Look

While incredibly convenient bathroom features, the tub-and-shower combo is often viewed as being a bit outdated in its appearance. Some homeowners feel that it’s tough to get a luxurious look in their bathroom when they have a combo tub and shower in their space. But you don’t need to have a large soaking tub and a separate shower stall to upgrade your bathroom. Here are four ways that you can upgrade the look of your tub-shower combo without a total remodel.

Put in a New Tub and Shower Surround

While this might sound like a major project, replacing your tub and shower surround is actually rather quick and easy, especially if you’re using a liner. It’s possible to install a new tub liner and shower surround in a single day, and it will give your bathroom a bright, new look immediately. Tubs and showers get dingy, even when you clean them regularly, and replacing them with something bright, clean, and new is a sure-fire way to give your bathroom space a facelift.

Give the Window Some TLC

Most shower-tub combos have a window above them. Give a little attention to that window and see what you can do to clean it up and brighten it. It’s pretty common for the windows above tubs and showers to accumulate soap scum on their sills and hard water spots on the glass. So, clean them up and scrub them down to brighten up the entire bathroom space.

If your window area looks extremely dull and dirty, consider replacing the window lining with a new window kit for an instant bathroom makeover.

Address Organizational Issues

Clutter in your bathroom can quickly make it look dirty, so address any organizational issues you have in and around your bathtub and shower. Do you have bottles of products stacked in corners and on your window sill? Consider a shower organizer. Or, if you don’t like the look of shower organizers, you can actually install corner shelves on your existing shower-tub combo.

Address any other organizational problems, too, by installing towel racks closer to your shower and utilizing other useful storage areas that help you keep the whole bathroom cleaner, more organized, and looking fresh and tidy.

Upgrade to a Walk-In

If you’ve been having some mobility issues relating to getting in and out of your shower-tub combo, you don’t need to replace it with a shower alone. You can actually upgrade your existing one and convert it to a walk-in tub-and-shower combo in a single day. We offer conversion kits that are affordable and easy to use so that you can give your bathroom a whole new look while also making it safer to use!

If you’re looking to upgrade your shower-tub combo for a safer and better-looking walk-in model, contact us at We can help you select a conversion kit, or we can work with you to install a custom walk-in tub or shower for your bathroom. Our top-quality products are all made right here in the USA, so you can rest assured that you’re getting something that is beautiful, durable, and incredibly safe for you to use. Call now to learn more!

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