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Best Walk-In Tubs Features

A walk-in tub is only as good as its features! But what features should you be looking for when choosing your walk-in tub? From features for accessibility to luxury upgrades, here are the top 5 features you should look for:

  1. Low Entry Step – The low step to enter your walk-in tub is the most important accessibility feature. After all, that’s what makes it a walk-in tub!
  2. Upright Seat – The seat in a walk-in tub should be in an upright position and at least 17” high. This makes it easier to sit and stand.
  3. Fast Fill and Drain – Since you have to be in the tub as it fills and empties, you want it to do those things quickly. Be sure to ask about the fill and drain speed for your tub.
  4. Heated Seat – While you’re waiting, you want to stay toasty warm. A heated seat is a must-have for a walk-in tub.
  5. Overhead Shower – A bath is nice, but you don’t always have the time for one. If you want a quick way to wash, be sure to get a walk-in shower-tub combo so you have this option.

For walk-in tubs that come with luxury upgrades built in standard, contact us at Safe Step Walk-In Tub today.

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