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Advantages of a Barrier-Free Bathroom

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Maintaining safety and wellbeing can be a challenge with limited mobility. This is especially true when going to the bathroom, a practice that many often take for granted. Whether it’s for using the toilet or for bathing, trips to the bathroom are an essential part of our daily lives. Thankfully, we have the option of reducing these risks through bathroom modifications. Practically every aspect of the bathroom can be transformed to accommodate your needs. While many may wince at the thought of taking on home renovation projects, the advantages of a barrier-free bathroom can far outweigh the costs.

Reduced Risk of Slips and Falls

One of the main benefits of a barrier-free bathroom is the reduced risk of slips and falls. Moisture in the bathroom can create slick surfaces, causing fear and anxiety in many. However, installing strategically placed grab bars can help with keeping balance and act as a safety net in case of a slip. These can be installed in front of the toilet or on the sides of the toilet to assist with sitting down and standing up.

Walk-in tubs also help reduce the risk of falling by drastically decreasing the step-in height of the bathtub. In addition, many include safety features such as built-in grab bars and anti-slip flooring to provide extra support.


Another advantage of a barrier-free bathroom is maintaining ease-of-use. With limited mobility, everyday tasks may become more difficult. Luckily, Safe Step Walk-In Tubs and Showers are built to ensure that users can bathe with ease. With features like Safe Step’s No Strength Locking Handle and Electronic Keypad, using the bathtub is a breeze.

Individuals who use a wheelchair may find it especially tough to use the bathroom. Coming up with solutions like installing a shower chair, a ceiling lift chair, or a sling seat to fit the current shower setup can be overwhelming. Safe Step Walk-In Showers, however, are offered with a barrier-free entry option and a Medical Grade Silhouette Safety Seat. These can help take the stress out of deciding how to get clean safely.

A barrier-free bathroom can bring peace-of-mind to many who struggle with mobility. Give Safe Step a call today and take the first step toward transforming your bathroom into a safe space for you.

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