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Why Walk-In Tubs Are Safer for Seniors

walk-in tub with a towel bar

For many older adults, adjusting to using a little more caution in their day-to-day activities can be difficult. For caregivers or loved ones, this adjustment period may come with concerns about the safety of their family members—especially those who wish to remain at home as they age. With a walk-in tub designed to make bathing safer and more enjoyable for seniors, living at home is more than possible. Learn more about how our walk-in tubs are created with your comfort and safety in mind below.

Walk-In Tubs Are More Accessible

A safe, convenient bathing experience shouldn’t be off-limits to seniors or others with mobility challenges. Whether you have reduced mobility and need more support or simply appreciate the ease of use, our walk-in tubs are created to make safe bathing as accessible as possible. 

Low Step-In Entry

Climbing over a traditional tub’s wall can be a slippery, dangerous process leading to strained muscles, especially for those with reduced mobility. Our industry-leading walk-in tub has an ultra-low entry to make transitioning in and out of the tub simpler and safer, preventing serious falls before they occur. 

woman stepping out of the walk-in tub over the low-entry.

No-Strength Locking Handle 

A walk-in tub requires an air-tight seal between the door and the tub wall to ensure no leaks lead to slippery floors after the bath. We developed our locking handle to require very little effort to lock or unlock, making it perfect for seniors with limited mobility or joint or muscle aches. 

Built-In Seat

Many seniors learn quickly that sitting in an awkward position can lead to pain and stiffness. That’s why our walk-in tub features a built-in seat that provides a safe, comfortable position for seniors with or without mobility limitations. Our ADA-compliant 17” tub seat with anti-slip technology provides the perfect place to complete your bath in safety, preventing back injury from sitting in the low-reclining position a traditional tub requires. 

heated seat

Walk-In Tubs Support Mobility

Decreased mobility is a reality for many, though not all, seniors. However, this does not mean giving up independence in performing everyday cleansing routines. With a walk-in tub and Safe Step’s attention to detail in creating an accessible environment for those with reduced mobility, seniors can enjoy a relaxing, safe bath. 

Grab Bars

The dedicated support of our two grab bars makes entering, exiting or stabilizing yourself inside the walk-in tub easy. Even seniors without major mobility challenges can benefit from holding onto a handle as they navigate slippery surfaces. Our grab bars provide enough support that seniors can move in, out of or around the tub without additional assistance, regaining valuable independence. 

grab bars in walk-in tub

Waterproof Remote Control

The waterproof remote control provides a convenient way for those with decreased mobility to adjust settings easily. With it, you can take full advantage of all the special features Safe Step’s walk-in tubs have to offer, even if you have mobility challenges. It also encourages a spa-like experience for your daily baths. Being able to change settings for the heated seat, the MicroSoothe® air therapy system and more on a whim makes completing your bathing routine an enjoyable time. 

Handheld Shower Wand

Safe Step’s experts wanted to make the experience of using our walk-in tub as flexible as needed to accommodate a range of mobility needs and reduce bathing stress. The handheld shower wand is an excellent example of this design philosophy. Not only does it make bathing easier than using a traditional fixed shower head, but its easy-to-reach location means it can be used to rinse out the tub once you’re done. 

handheld shower wand

Walk-In Tubs Offer Therapeutic Benefits 

Regular, warm baths with hydrotherapy and massaging jets can help relax sore muscles and soothe stiff joints,  helping to maintain mobility and rejuvenating both mind and body. With Safe Step’s walk-in tub, you have plenty of options to choose from on how best to unwind—with safety features in place at every step. 

MicroSoothe® Air Therapy System

With the MicroSoothe® air therapy system, millions of tiny, oxygen-enriched bubbles envelop you in a cloud, stimulating the senses and leaving you with silky-smooth skin. Not only does this help relieve muscle pain and tension, but it also helps produce endorphins, the hormones linked to happiness. Our strategically placed bubble jets improve circulation and can help with symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism and other conditions, making it perfect for starting or ending your day. 

woman relaxing in walk-in tub with bubbles

Anti-Scald Technology

Hot water, no matter your age, is a dangerous, painful surprise when entering the tub. Seniors, especially those with easily-irritated or thin skin, may receive painful burns or irritations from too-hot water. With this in mind, we incorporated anti-scald technology into our walk-in tubs, keeping your bath water at a comfortable temperature and protecting your skin from burns. 

Hydro-Jet Water Therapy

In just ten minutes, the targeted, soothing pressure of our walk-in tub’s ten hydro-jets can have positive benefits for your mind and body. They’re completely adjustable, with water intensity and speed settings that can be altered to send out the pressure that’s most comfortable for you. You can also target specific areas like your legs, feet or back, putting pressure where you need it most. This helps relieve pain and tension and reduces overall stress levels.  

hydrotherapy jets

Choose Safe Step for Safe Bathing

When it comes to walk-in tubs for seniors, Safe Step offers comprehensive products that keep your comfort and, above all, safety top-of-mind. Learn more about how our walk-in bathtubs can help you continue to live a safe, independent life at home with your free quote for a walk-in tub today!

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