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Buying a Walk-In Bathtub: Things You Shouldn’t Miss

If you’re in the market for a walk-in bathtub, it’s because you feel that this upgrade is a necessity for you to maintain independent living. This is not a bathroom addition that people make because it’s fun or luxurious—it’s always out of need. But if you’re making this investment into your mobility, you must have the proper knowledge to ensure you’re buying the best tub for your needs. Keep reading to learn three essential things that you should know before buying.

There Are Different Designs

Some people might believe that a walk-in tub is a walk-in tub, and there are no differences in their design. This is entirely untrue. There is a wide variety of options available to you, including different sizes, various features, and a wide range of quality. You should carefully examine all designs to find what works best for you.

Size is likely the first thing you’ll want to look at as you want to ensure it will fit in your bathroom. (Most people get a walk-in tub sized to fit in their existing tub’s location.) Your unique mobility needs will also determine factors like whether you need an inward or outward opening door, whether you’ll need an extra low entry step and a wide range of other accessibility features. Always ensure that your new walk-in bathtub’s design meets your needs.

It Should Meet Medical Needs

While most medical insurance won’t cover a walk-in tub cost, it is still usually bought out of medical necessity. As such, you should consult with your doctor on whether or not you could benefit from certain therapeutic features. For example, our tubs can be outfitted with hydrotherapy massaging jets, which can help many medical conditions. Discuss your specific condition with your doctor and ask how a walk-in tub can benefit you most.

Quality Always Comes First

A walk-in tub is not a short-term investment; it’s something that you will likely be using for the rest of your life. So, it’s important not to cut corners in terms of quality. That’s why we pride ourselves in our thorough quality inspection performed on every tub and shower and why we have every one of our tubs made here in the USA. This helps us ensure the utmost quality so that our walk-in tubs and showers can provide you with what you need for the rest of your life.

We recognize that your budget and financial situation is unique, and we strive to work with our customers to make a walk-in bath affordable for everyone. But it’s important to note that a poorly made tub, though it may be cheaper, is more likely to experience issues than a high-quality one. That’s why you should always put quality first when selecting your walk-in tub.

If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality walk-in baths, contact us at Safe Step Tub today to learn more about our products, or dedication to quality, and our rebates and financing options to make these accessible tubs more affordable for you.

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