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Choosing the Right Walk-In Tub for Your Mobility Issues

When you have mobility issues, getting in and out of a traditional bathtub can be difficult. Sometimes, it can be downright impossible. To fix this problem, many homeowners are installing walk-in bathtubs. These bathtubs for the elderly and disabled are safe and comfortable and give people back the freedom to take a bath without help.

If you’re interested in one of these bathtubs for you or someone you love, keep reading for buying tips to choose the right walk-in bathtub.

Research the Different Models

Walk-in bathtubs aren’t one-size-fits-all. There are various models used for different purposes. Learn about the kinds of walk-in tubs that are available so you can choose the one that will fit your needs best. The first thing you want to consider is the size of the person using the bathtub. A petite individual with a small bathroom can easily get away with a cube-shaped walk-in tub. These tubs are comfortable and a great choice for smaller people.

Sometimes mobility issues happen because of bariatric problems. These problems can cause people to experience significant weight gain. Larger individuals will be more comfortable in tubs that allow you to enter and exit through a door.

Another thing to consider when installing a walk-in tub is if you use any assistive devices such as wheelchairs. For people who use wheelchairs, it’s important to choose a tub that doesn’t have a shower lip. The chair should be able to roll right into the walk-in tub with no obstructions. This ensures a safe bathing experience.

Senior bathtubs should also be installed without a shower lip. The elderly can experience balance issues, and a shower lip can cause dangerous slip and fall accidents.

If you or your loved one prefers a bathtub/shower combo, you’re in luck. There are bathtubs with shower connections for people who want the best of both worlds.

The bottom line is that you want to research all the walk-in tub and shower models available to find the one that works best for you or your loved one’s mobility issues.

Choose a Tub That’s Built to Last

Regardless of the model you select, it’s important to do your research and choose a well-built tub that’s built to last. You don’t even have to have mobility issues right now before investing in one of these bathtubs. The benefit of installing a walk-in tub before you need one is that you’re prepared.

Many people are choosing to age in place. They don’t want to be uprooted from their homes and enter a care facility that doesn’t feel like home. However, they have special needs that make it difficult to complete daily tasks like bathing. Installing a walk-in bathtub prepares your home when you’re ready to make this transition.

Consult with Professionals

Another great way to choose the right walk-in tub for your mobility issues is to speak with customer representatives. Speaking directly with the company is the best way to get your questions answered by people who know the product.

Woman Taking Bath in Safe-Step Tub

To learn more about bathtubs for seniors or anyone with mobility issues, contact the friendly customer service representatives at Safe Step Walk-In Company at (800) 346-6616.