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Combatting Dry Skin with Better Bathing

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One common problem many of us face as we age is dry, flaky skin. This is a normal part of aging, affecting over half of the senior population. However, it is still an area of concern. Dry skin itches, interferes with daily tasks, and is prone to bacterial infections, some of which can be difficult to heal properly.

Proper bathing is one of the best ways to treat dry skin issues, but this can be difficult for our aging population. Luckily, many seniors who once thought the days of soft, supple skin were behind them have found relief from walk-in tubs and the many therapeutic benefits they can help provide.

Safe Step Walk-In Tubs are designed with features that specifically help meet seniors’ skincare needs. Below are a few ways Safe Step may help seniors combat the challenges associated with dry, flaky skin.

combat dry, flaky skin


Each Safe Step Walk-In Tub has 16 Air Bubble GentleJets to help remove dead skin flakes and restore the natural moisture needed for healthy, replenished skin. The jets target every single area of the body, even hard to reach places, so all your focus can go toward enjoying the relaxing experience.


The Heated Seat and Backrest in each of our tubs work together to keep the water’s warmth consistent and to ensure your skin isn’t stressed by temperature changes in the water. They also have a shut-off feature to prevent overheating so you can stay comfortably warm as you bathe.


Each Safe Step Walk-In Tub has a built-in cleaning system and Sanitary Gel Coat to keep the water free from bacteria and mold. This, along with regular upkeep, can help to sanitize your tub and reduce the risk of skin infection with absolutely no extra maintenance required.

Refreshed skin can give seniors a feeling comfort they haven’t experienced in years. In addition to reducing the risk of infection, better skin can improve self-esteem, make it easier to perform daily tasks, and renew your sense of comfort in your own body.

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