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Comfort and Luxury Accessibility Holiday Gifts for Seniors

The elderly loved ones in our lives offer us so much. They provide wisdom and advice, important life lessons, treasured family recipes, beautiful stories, thoughtful gifts and gestures, and of course, their unwavering love for each of us. With Christmas fast approaching, how can we best express our love and appreciation for all they do? Often, the best gift you can provide is something that will make their lives a little easier and give back some of that independence they may have lost as their physical capabilities diminish. Here are some gift ideas that not only provide them with greater mobility but a little luxury and comfort too.

Walk-In Tub

If your loved one is beginning to struggle to get around their home, a walk-in tub is an ideal gift. While they may never admit it to you, getting in and out of a standard tub is difficult for many elderly family members. A walk-in version offers numerous accessibility and safety features—including a low step, wide entry door, and upright seat—that make bathing safer and easier for them. But these tubs also come with numerous luxury features like air or water jets to provide a relaxing massage or an aromatherapy chamber for essential oils. They’ll enjoy their baths much more, and they’ll be safer too.

Of course, a walk-in tub can be quite a large purchase. So reach out to your siblings, cousins, parents, and aunts and uncles. When the whole family pitches in, you’ll find this purchase can be quite affordable—especially when taking advantage of our rebates!

Mobility Aid

Is your loved one using a clunky or ineffective walker or cane? The truth is, many people don’t know the different varieties of mobility aids that are available. There are a lot of newer versions, such as the rollator walker, that provide better mobility and greater usability. They also come in more styles that you’re probably aware of, so you can find something beautiful and perfectly suited to their tastes!

Ride-Share Gift Cards

Many elderly individuals lose their ability to drive themselves safely. When this happens, they often rely on friends and family members to take them places or pick up essentials. But you can introduce them to the modern idea of ride-sharing this Christmas by gifting them a Lyft or Uber gift card. The idea may seem strange to them, but they’ll indeed thank you for it whenever and wherever they want, regardless of family members’ availability.

Tile Squares

Difficulty remembering things is quite common in the elderly, regardless of whether or not they’ve been diagnosed with a form of dementia. If your loved one frequently loses their phone, wallet, keys, or even just the remote control, Tile squares might be a good Christmas gift. They can attach these little items to any of the things they frequently lose. When they can’t find it, they can make the Tile beep using the app on their phone. And if they’ve lost their phone, pressing any Tile square will make the phone ring. (Now you have to teach your grandparents how to use a smartphone!)

While those homemade ornaments were cute gifts when you were a kid, it’s about time you gave your elderly loved ones something more useful for Christmas. Show them just how much their safety and comfort mean to you with one of the thoughtful gifts above. And to learn more about our rebate offers on a walk-in bath from Safe Step Tub, contact us today!