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Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Walk-In Shower

modern walk-in shower with a bench and a gooseneck shower head

An excellent way for older individuals to have a safer experience in the shower or tub is to have a walk-in shower installed in their home. However, with regular use also comes the need to clean it on a weekly (or daily) basis. To help you give your walk-in shower a good scrub down, here are a few cleaning tips to live by.

Cleaning Supplies You’ll Need

A few cleaning supplies you’ll need to clean your walk-in shower thoroughly is tub cleaner for the tub itself, as well as tile cleaner, in case you have a tile or ceramic backsplash. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can always use regular soap. You’ll also need a durable sponge to scrub out dirt and grime in your tub, in addition to a microfiber cloth to dry out your shower and tub once you’re done rinsing it down. Other supplies you might want to invest in are baking soda for extra-challenging grime, and vinegar to clean glass shower doors.

How to Clean Your Walk-in Shower

Step 1

First, you’ll want to take everything out of your shower, from soap bars to razors and shampoo bottles. After all, you don’t want them to get dirty from cleaning your tub. In the meantime, you can leave these items on your bathroom floor until you’re done washing your tub.

Step 2

Next, you should pull the shower curtains aside and spray the walls of your tub and let them sit for up to five minutes. This way, the cleaner has plenty of time to dig deep into the dirt and grime on your shower walls. However, you should wait on cleaning the floor of your shower until the end, as you might have to be in the tub itself to clean the walls. If you have glass shower walls that need to be cleaned, you should pour vinegar into a spray bottle and use this tool to spray them down, then use a sponge to clean the dirty glass.

Step 3

With sponge in hand, you should start scrubbing down the walls of your shower, starting at the top and slowly working your way down to the bottom. If there’s a substantial amount of dirt and grime in your shower, you should use baking soda to help break it down, then respray and use the sponge to clear it off. Also, a helpful tip to consider is to avoid scrubbing in circles, as it’s only tiring, and won’t improve the amount of grime you get off your shower.

Step 4

You should now repeat steps two and three a few times until your shower is entirely dirt and grime-free. Then, you should hose down your shower for a few minutes, scrub out the last remaining dirt, and use a medium-sized microfiber cloth to dry out your shower. After all, you certainly don’t want any mildew growing.

Shower Head

Step 5

Before you’re ready to close the shower curtains, you should thoroughly clean the shower head and knobs in your tub, as dirt can often be found lurking in these areas. Fortunately, all you need to use is simple soap and water — no fancy cleaners required! Once washed, use water and a cloth to clean thoroughly.

Upon finishing up cleaning your walk-in shower, you should inspect it from all angles to ensure you got every spot. Even a single patch of dirt can lead to dangerous bacteria growth in your bathroom. If you notice some of your cleaning supplies running out, now is a great time to head down to the store or stock up on Amazon. Although cleaning your walk-in shower can seem like a tiresome effort, it’s worth every minute you take. If you’re interested in buying a walk-in tub that was made in the USA for yourself this spring, visit us at Safe Step Tub today!

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