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Everything You Need to Know about Modern Walk-In Bath Tubs

Walk-In Bath TubsAs you get older, you have to make certain adjustments around the house to make your life easier. You may need to rearrange your furniture and your living arrangements, or perhaps even move to a one-story house or apartment. One of the easiest and most impactful changes you can make is switching to a walk-in shower bathtub. As you’ve doubtless heard a million times over, most accidents that occur at home take place in the bathroom. When you install a walk-in bathtub, not only do you make your bathroom safer, you make the process of bathing easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few things you may not know about walk-in tubs.

They’re Far Safer Than Regular Tubs

To get into a regular bathtub you have to step over a large side wall and onto a slippery surface. With a walk-in bathtub shower combo, you open a side door to enter the tub, so there are no obstructions whatsoever. Furthermore, instead of having to recline in the tub to make yourself comfortable, walk-in tubs come with a special ergonomically designed seat, so you can relax and wash yourself with ease.


High-quality walk-in bathtubs made in the USA come with dozens of available options, the most common of which is the addition of hydrotherapy. When you take a bath, it’s not just for the purpose of getting clean, it’s also an opportunity to relax your muscles and joints. Walk-in baths are designed specifically to help with aching muscles by installing heated jets that target the parts of your body that could use a little relief, like your back, legs, and feet.

Find the Relief You Need at Home

Woman Washing Hands in BathtubWalk-in bathtubs are easy to install in practically any bathroom. With a relatively small footprint, they can fit within the space of your regular bathtub, require no remodel, and can be installed in as little time as a day. With the dramatically increased level of safety, and the potential to improve your quality of life, the addition of a walk-in tub ensures you can take care of yourself independently in the home you love.

The Most Common Types of Tubs

There are several models of walk-in tubs designed specifically to suit a variety of needs and budgets. The simplest type of tub is known as the soaker tub. Generally, less expensive than its counterparts, it lacks hydrotherapy jets, but is still a safer and more comfortable alternative to the traditional bathtub. Hydrotherapy tubs are generally more sophisticated in design and feature, naturally, hydrotherapy jets. The bariatric tub is designed with larger users in mind, and can be either simple like soaker tubs, or include other features such as hydrotherapy. Should you require it, there are also wheelchair accessible tubs that are made with extra wide doors which make transferring from your chair to the bathtub seat as easy and safe as possible.

If you want the independence and peace of mind that comes with switching to a walk-in tub, all you have to do is look, and you’ll find a model available to suit your budget as well as your individual needs.