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How to Care for Your Walk-In Tub with Shower

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As old age sets in, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with things like you used to. Everyday tasks are difficult and, in some cases, dangerous. Even things like bathing yourself pose significant risks. Stepping in and out of the tub threshold can cause injuries and falls. Luckily, a walk-in shower-tub combo solves this problem. The ability to walk into the tub limits your risk of falling. This increases your independence and allows you to care for yourself like you’ve always done. While your tub-shower combo can be a lifesaver, it’s important that it’s cared for properly. Here are a few simple maintenance tips from the experts to ensure that your combo remains in excellent condition.

Daily Maintenance

After each use, there are a few things you should do to keep your tub-shower combo clean and ready for use. Set the shower wand to warm and spend a little bit of time rinsing out the tub portion. Be sure to rinse off any fixtures and to clear any oils and soap residue. This makes the surface less slippery and prevents buildup. By taking a few seconds after every use to spray down the surface, your tub will be safe and ready for your next bath.

Weekly Cleaning

As you use your shower-tub combination regularly, you’ll notice that soap and other materials may begin to build up around the walls. Even with regular rinses, this buildup can occur. For this reason, it’s important to perform regular cleanings. First, fill your tub with hot water. The water should reach the same height as the seat. Then, add a few tablespoons of detergent. Make sure that it’s a low-foaming formula, such as dishwashing granules. Allow the jets to run for about 10 minutes. After, simply drain the tub, fill it with clean water, let the jets run again for 10-15 minutes, drain it, and watch as that bathtub ring disappears.

Monthly Cleaning

Monthly, or even every other month, it’s important to perform a deeper clean of your shower-tub combo. While it may be a bit more in-depth, it’s an important step in ensuring the functionality of your tub. Like with your weekly cleaning, fill your tub to the height of the seat and put on a pair of rubber gloves. Add ½ cup of bleach and a few tablespoons of your low-foaming detergent. Let the jets run for 15 minutes. Then, let the water rest in the tub for a few minutes, followed by another 15-minute jet cycle. Drain the tub and fill it once again with clean water. Run the jets for at least 15 minutes to clear out any of the cleaning product residue before draining.

There’s no need to use harsh scrubbing brushes on your tub. These could scratch or dull the surface of your tub. Instead, only use soft rags or sponges. Avoid abrasive cleaners, and never run the jets on your tub while dry. With these tips and tricks, your bath-shower combo will remain in excellent condition and provide you with the relief that you need. If you have questions regarding your walk-in tub, or you’re looking to install one, allow the experts at Safe Step Walk-In Tub Company to help. Learn more about our independence-saving products by visiting today!

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