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How Walk-In Tubs Can Help Prevent Bathroom Falls

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For those who live with limited mobility, the simple task of maintaining personal hygiene can pose several risks. Accidental bathroom falls make up for a large portion of in-home injuries among seniors. Slick surfaces due to ever-present moisture in the bathroom are things that none of us want to face.

Many homeowners who want to age in place decide to install a walk-in tub in their home to help minimize these bathroom risks. You may be wondering how a walk-in tub can help those with limited mobility or how exactly it can help make the bathroom a safer place. Continue reading below to learn more about a few key walk-in tub features that may help prevent falls.

Low Step-in Threshold

One common struggle many seniors face is difficulty maintaining balance when lifting the feet and legs. A standard bathtub’s step-in height can be as high as 18 inches, presenting a considerable challenge. Luckily, a walk-in tub is specially designed to help alleviate this issue. With a sealing, water-tight door and an ultra low step-in height, entry and exit can be a breeze!

Built-in Grab Bars

Shortage of handrails and grab bars in the bathroom can also be a problem for those with limited mobility. Many seniors require a stable, solid place to maintain a firm grip when getting in and out of the tub area. Most walk-in tubs have several built-in grab bars placed strategically around the tub walls to assist with standing up, sitting down, and making adjusting movements when bathing. They also help to provide a sense of security by offering stability in case of an accidental slip.

Nonslip Flooring

Most issues with slipping in the bathroom can be attributed to wet, slick floors. Because water is a necessity for bathing, you may think that this is a unavoidable problem. However, most walk-in tubs are built with specialized flooring designed with textures to help feet get a good grip and stay in place. Even when wet, this can be much more effective in preventing bathroom falls than a standard bathtub’s slick surfaces.

If you or a loved one plans on aging in place at home, consider installing a walk-in tub to help lower the risk of falling in the bathroom. To learn more about how a Safe Step Walk-In Tub can help, give us a call today at 1-800-346-6616.

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