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How Your Walk-In Tub Can Double as a Spa

Safe Step Tub How Your Walk-In Tub Can Double As a Spa

Walk-in tubs are an excellent way to improve the safety and accessibility of your bathroom. They make it possible for seniors with reduced mobility to continue bathing independently when they otherwise might require assistance with the task. But they can be so much more than an accessibility upgrade too! Our walk-in tubs include some wonderful features that allow them to double as your own in-home spa. Keep reading to learn more.

Hydro Jets

There’s nothing more spa-like than getting a full-body massage—and you can get exactly that when your walk-in tub includes massaging hydro jets. These jets come standard in all of our tubs, and they can provide a soothing massage all over your body. Not only are the jets built into the sides of the tub, but also into the seat so that you can have your back and legs vigorously massaged by pressured water whenever you want.

In addition to being relaxing, these massaging jets also help to improve circulation, loosen tense muscles, and ease joint pain. It’s a bath, a spa, and a holistic health treatment all rolled into one!

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Air Jets

If you want a gentler treatment from those jets, they can also provide a light, effervescent massage with oxygen-enriched microbubbles. In addition to feeling wonderful, these bubbles leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. It’s excellent for problem-prone skin or for those who suffer from common skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. The bubbles can gently remove dirt and oils from the skin while helping it to feel soft and supple—a relaxing skin treatment for your entire body while you bathe.


Color impacts how we think and feel on a subconscious level, so using colored lights in the right hues can really set the mood for your bath and create a spa-like atmosphere. Our tubs include built-in chromatherapy lights that you can control with an accessible remote. This allows you to change the colors of the lights to find just the right ambiance to help you relax and unwind.


It wouldn’t really be a spa-like experience if you weren’t enjoying the relaxing scents of essential oils, would it? Our walk-in tubs have a built-in aromatherapy chamber. Just add a few drops of oil to the chamber, close it, and enjoy your bath. The chamber will release the oils into the water and the air so that you can enjoy their scent without making the surface of your bathtub slick with oils.

The best walk-in tubs will have these kinds of features included standard in their design so that you can get a spa experience without paying for every upgrade. At Safe Step Tub, we believe that your walk-in tub should be something you can truly enjoy, as well as providing you with the safety and accessibility you need. Contact us today to learn more about the features that come standard in all of our walk-in tubs.